Saturday, October 29, 2011

Race Results.

Okay so I ran my race today went well. I had three goals for this race:
1. Finish all 15km.
2. Finish the race faster than last year (<2:03).
3. Finish the race in under 2 hours.

I managed to achieve all 3 things today, but there was a really hard part of the race that I didn't feel like I would make it, and I came in last.With 3km left in the race I did the math of how fast I'd have to go per km and looked at my pace and knew it wasn't going to happen. I fought back tears and told myself to just do my best and know that I am only competing with myself. I closed my eyes, breathed through it and stopped looking at my watch and just ran, and when I hit the final hill, the hill I worked hard to prepare for, I booted it up that hill and looked at my watch and had less than 2 minutes to go to hours and I could see the end. So even though my legs felt like lead I pushed it and made my goals. I am also proud because my fastest 15k post baby training run was actually 2:09:41 which means I ran 10:01 faster today than my best this year.

The weather was perfect today. It was 0 degrees, when I left home and 6 when I got back. The weather was sunny with some clouds and a bit of wind (at the end of the race of course) so it was beautiful, especially since it was supposed to rain today. I'm so happy that it wasn't raining.

I'm also happy that my hubby brought my girls to the first 5k of the race so I could give them a big kiss and hugs. I know it's not easy to get the girls ready to go outside and taking them to a road for the race (lucky for him he only had to go 1.1km away from our house to hit one of the roads the race is on) so I could love them. But a lot of people asked him if he was the husband of the woman who just had a baby. I made a lot of people feel better at the start. People who were nervous about coming in last. I joked to them that coming in last was my job so they were set. I also liked him coming there because I got to hand off my warmer coat, my empty water bottle, the bar they gave out at the start line and such.

So now I'm a happy camper and need a good long rest!


  1. So proud of you Alice! I can't even describe it...I actually have tears in my eyes reading about your race. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    A true inspiration to me.

  2. Congratulatoins Alice! You are very inspiring!!