Saturday, October 15, 2011

Serious case of the jelly legs.

Do you ever get that feeling? Like your legs are made out of jelly? I've been getting it a lot lately. For almost two weeks now, my legs feel like jelly and are sore all day, and yet when I hit the treadmill they come alive. It's almost as if running makes them better, which doesn't make any sense to me since exercise usually makes you more tired. What does make them worse is the stairs (God I hate stairs and we have two floors and a basement - grrr).

But I think I may have an idea why they feel so crappy. At first I thought I was over training but I'm resting three days a week and running four, and ranging around 30 or 40km a week, which is not excessive. But, I am wearing the same two pairs of shoes I've always worn for running, other than my travel shoes. So that could mean that they are dead, and not just dead but DEAD! So today I wore my brand spanking new shoes and am hopeful that it will help my jelly legs. I'll know tomorrow and I hope it's good news! I run my horror hill race in only two weeks from today and I need my legs to be back to normal and not this lead, jelly nonsense.

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