Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Summary

It's the end of November and that means a November summary!! Woot!

So we'll start this month off with a photo of my baby and the man that I love and am truly blessed to be able to share the rest of my life with!

So this month, I managed to run 121.86 km this month in 15 hours and 12 minutes, which is awesome since I had a whole week of rest after my race on October 30th. I also managed to run 20 km more than I did in August in only 8 additional minutes. I ran an average of 4.06km each day or 30:24 minutes each day. Not too bad if you ask me. I am hoping to run more next month, but I must be realistic considering my birthday is next month, and so it Christmas and I'm going to visit my mother for like 5 days. If I match this month I will be happy.

To be honest, I didn't think that I did that well but my weight loss this month was the same as last month. I managed to drop 4lbs and am sitting on the cusp of the 160's. For next month, I'm hoping to survive Christmas and be in the 160's at the end of December. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Best cold ever.

Okay, this cold is annoying but is the best cold I've had since I started to have children. I mean the worst was the one that became the sinus infection, but this one is not so bad. I have a cough and a sore throat that comes and goes, but literally it is all in my throat. My chest is FINE, and my nose is good to go. My husband is loving the fact that I asked him to make me some Neocitron (he is the expert of it) and my voice is crackling so it comes and goes. Mostly it goes though, so today was pretty quiet. Katrina still seems to be missing it, thank goodness, and Steve feels his is the same. Lillian is doing well. A bit of a slacker today, so since it rained all day, we just had a pj TV day.
One sleepy mama and my lovely little ladies.
I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself because I managed to run despite the cold. I am really happy that the cold doesn't disturb my runs. I did sweat a LOT more than normal and much faster than normal but I still managed to do 6km which is exactly what I should be doing for my rest week. I hope my cold doesn't get any worse (knock on wood) and that my girls keep fighting it or not getting it. Though I must say I find it very odd that both Steve and I got flu shots and now we're both sick. I'm not saying the shot was the cause but it is a bit suspicious to me.

Finally we are having a dinner party on Friday with one of Steve's groomsman and his wonderful wife, who happens to have the same birthday as me, and their lovely baby girl. I'm very excited to meet another baby and have another friend for my ladies! I love to cook, and I love to try out new things so I have set up a challenge for myself. I plan to cook the whole meal with only buying 5 ingredients in addition to what I have in the house already! I'm very excited! They are bringing dessert and I have cream/milk for coffee and tea. We also have some delicious blackberry wine my mommy made for me, and I'm thinking of making a Latin Beef Stew for the main meal. I just got my organic veggies yesterday and I actually have EVERYTHING I need for this stew in my kitchen right now! I figure that with a mixture of brown rice and quinoa will be a great dinner. The fancy part will be my appetizers. I am also planning on making fresh bread, and maybe not from the bread maker. I am thinking buns or french bread, to use with a sort of brushetta but I haven't decided yet. Honestly I have to look at some recipes and see what I can make. I'm very excited by this challenge. I promise to take some photos of my yummy creations!

Monday, November 28, 2011


So I saw my girlfriend's new baby today for the first time, and at 9 weeks he's almost as big as my 5 1/2 month old! Crazy!! So that's my update tonight but look how cute they are!!
Baby playdate version 2.0!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Things are going my way.

For once I get that things are going my way. So my ladies, my hubby and I are all sick. I know that for a runner that is not normally a good thing, but I am sick on a rest week. It never happens that I'm sick on my rest week. I'm excited that I managed to run my long run Friday night so I could rest this weekend. I get to start next week off with a rest day too, since I'm having my mommy friends over on Monday and some mutual friends of my hubby and me (who recently became parents) over on Friday. Funny that I somehow managed to arrange to have people over on the days that I am not supposed to run.

So with next week being a rest week I'm running 30% less than normal, which means my standard 30-45km will only be 20-35km which can easily be pulled off during nap times or even outside if the weather permits. So even though I was crazy clumsy today and dropped way too many things weekend it is good to know that I will get to take things easy next week, though I am sad I won't get to do my next speed run.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Running aftermath.

So after last night's crazy run I thought I would be all sore and miserable today but other than the fact that I've been STARVING all morning I feel good. I was a little stiff first thing in the morning, but after running some errands and eating a hardy breakfast and lunch I feel good. I think walking around to get vegetables and eggs from the farmers market right after waking up really helped me. That, and I don't think I've had a breakfast that large since I started trying to lose weight, but bacon and eggs with toast and fresh tomatoes can make you feel like you could run a half-marathon.

As for running my errands I did some really fun ones this morning. I headed to drop off some things at the second hand store, went to bulk barn and a baby store. I love that I go to the bulk barn, spend less than $20 and leave with a huge bag full of beans and rice and such, which my husband spends $30-40 and leaves with two or three food items and a lot of candy. The baby store was the fun one. I picked up two pairs of leggings for Lillian (my friend's daughter wears them and they are TOO cute). One is funky purple with pink, and one is black with white stripes. So they should go with anything. Katrina got two pacifiers, one is a baby one with a hole in the back to hold it in her mouth (I've got  cold and she likes to chew on my finger), the other is a razberry. Lilly had one but we can't find it. I also got to buy some really cute diaper covers.

So now it's early still on Saturday and I'm done my errands for the day. Baby Katrina is asleep after a good feeding and Lillian is upstairs with her daddy. Dinner is done (veggie bean soup) and I had a wonderful, quiet lunch of takeout Thai food with my husband. Dishes have been washed and put away and I am getting pretty efficient with my work since I'm often finding myself in this predicament where it's early afternoon and one kid is awake so I can't run or do anything that is noisy or that requires me to leave the floor they are napping on. So right now, I tidy up and make a lot of soup.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Running at night isn't so bad.

I know there are a lot of mom runners out there who like to run in the morning only. Many of them feel they don't have the energy at the end of the day to do a good run but sometimes I find it invigorating. I had one of those restful, stay at home days and since there are a lot of things going on with my husband's family (but that is a story for another blog) so I didn't know if I could do my long run this weekend. If he has to drop everything and go to his dad's then I'm at home alone with two babies and may not even get to run 5k let alone +15km like I planned to. And I'll be honest doing more than 12km with the girls in the stroller is not something I want to do. Lucky for me Katrina and Lillian seem to be happier today. I think that they may have had this cold Steve and I are fighting now and are getting over it. Lillian is eating up a storm again and Katrina is back to her long naps which means I can plan my life a bit better.

So today I had a day where I sat around all day. My hubby left work because he couldn't focus on his work because of his family stuff. He came home to be with the girls, and be available to his family should they need him. He spent a lot of time with them, though it made Lillian so excited that she didn't nap but that's okay since she ate today. Can't win all the battles. But I did a lot of dishes, I played on the computer, cuddled my babies, made bean soup (most of which my husband and Lillian ate today), vegged on the couch and made pizza for dinner. So with all that resting I was up to, I felt like a good run was due today. I had the two babies but they didn't sleep consecutively, so running in the afternoon was out. But after dinner, I felt good and alive and thought why not so I headed down to the basement and put in my new Dexter DVD and hopped on the treadmill.

I originally planned to over 15km. I was hoping to maybe hit 18km and in the end I managed to run 21.1km. That people is a treadmill half-marathon. I am not very tired but also really proud. My personal best for a half is 2:30 outside, and I did it 2:34 on a treadmill only 5 months after having a baby. I amused myself since when I was running and hit 18km I figured why not go all out and do the full 21km, so I did. I managed to run the whole thing from 5.0-5.2mph except for my warm up. Now I'm all proud, though very, very, very tired. And on the not so nice note, when I was done I came upstairs to rest a bit and then shower and my husband decided to pick up out infant, and that woke her up. I usually do her night feeding around 10 or 10:30 but was planning to wait so I could shower, but he ruined that. Boo on him! So I had to quick shower to be able to feed her and then take a real shower, ate a quick snack and now it's time to pass out and get a good night's sleep.

Steve's insight of the day: "If you fart on a treadmill you have to smell it,
unlike outside where you run away form it."

Friday Favourites - childhood stories

Okay so today I am letting the English major in me loose to discuss my favourite childhood books that I am looking forward to sharing with my daughters!

1/ Little Women
I have a copy that has been read so many times it's yellowed and has no cover or back. The girls are so sweet and I love Joe's spunk and independence. I'm worried about the lesson of death in the book but if they are too small to understand we can always skip that bit and field the questions later. 

2/ Charlotte's Web
I love the sweetness of this story. It makes me cry at some parts but I think the lessons and story is beautiful and will give me lots to talk about with my girls when we read it. 

3/ Harry Potter
I didn't start reading these until well into high school, I think just before or after book 4 came out. I really enjoy the theme of good vs evil and the friendship that endures all the struggles and horrors they go through. I also like the books start off easy to read and get a bit longer or more challenging as you read on. 

4/ The Berenstain Bears
I had so many of these books as a kid and I just loved them. We only have like three left from my childhood, so for Lillian's birthday and the girls' Christmas gifts they are getting 21 books. So now Lillian has gotten 8 for her birthday, one of which is a book that has 6 stories in it. 

5/ Lord of the Rings
It took me a few attempts to read these so I think reading them to the girls when they are a bit older would be a nice way to reread them. Though I am thinking this might take a whole year to get through. :) 

6/ The Brothers Grimm fairy tales
I love these stories, but I like the original versions not the watered down wussy versions that most people get. I love the stories even if the original versions are a little bit dark. They will turn out fine with them, I did!

7/ A Christmas Carol
Having a late December birthday Christmas is a big deal in my family so I want to make it an annual tradition to read the story to the girls. We'll start with a short version while they are small and move up to the full Dickens edition when they are old enough to understand most of it. 

8/ Frankenstein
This book is one of my favourites, and while it has some violence in it, the innocence of the monster and simple love of his father is touching to me and I think is something that I can explain to the children. There are a lot of lessons of acceptance and love in the book with the violence.

9/ The Bible
We're Catholic, so this is a duh. We even have a cartoon, child friendly version that we've read to Lillian and Steve is already reading to Katrina. I think it's important to share your faith (whatever it may be) with your children.

Books I won't be reading them
- Alice in Wonderland (my name is Alice and I've been called this one time too many)
- Black Beauty (never could get into this book)
- others will be added later!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thinning Thursday.

So today was my Weigh in day and I am very happy with the results. I've lost 2.2lbs which is only the third time this year I've lost over 2lbs in a week so wow on me! Maybe pumping milk is helping me out here. I also ate less and have been pushing myself hard on the treadmill thanks to tempo and speed runs so that probably has something to do with it. Either way I have lost 19.7lbs which, pushed me over the 10% body weight lost so that feels great and next week hopefully I'll hit the 20lbs lost total and will have another reason to dance around and celebrate with my girlies! For now though I'm very happy at my 171.8lbs!! In another few weeks I'll be in the 160's!
You lost how much?
As for Steve he did great this week too. He's down another 1.4lbs which pushes him into the 160's. Oh how I miss the 160's but I'll join him there soon enough! He had a bit of a rough week so I'm very proud of him for doing so well. He only wants to lose 15-20lbs so he's already at 5.8 which means he's either 1/3 or 1/4 of the way there. I told him this morning the advantage of doing WW now is it'll help him survive Christmas without gaining 5 or 10lbs!

And lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

That's life.

Today is Wednesday. In my house that means Lillian has gymnastics. To the left you see the reaction you get if you try to put Lillian in a pair of tights that are not pink. Lovely eh? Well what gymnastics means to me, is that our schedule for the day is a bit tighter than most. We need to make sure Lillian is fed dinner no later than 5:30pm. Steve must be home no later than 6pm. That way at 6:15pm he can bundle her up and plop her in the car and take her to her class. It's a parent and tot program so he goes in with her.

Today I will be going with her, which is complicated since we have Katrina. Steve's grandmother had a fall and so he is at his father's dealing with that, and I'm home with two kids. Lucky for me a good friend and coworker lives very close to us and has graciously agreed to take Katrina while we go to gymnastics. Thank you Di, you are amazing! But to add to the craziness, I realized this morning that my car (aka mommy car) has no gas in it, so the ladies and I finished up some Christmas shopping this morning and I filled up the tank. Now Lillian is passed out and Katrina is about to go down. That means I can do my run, and dinner will be easy tonight for my little monkey. I'm thinking meatballs, green beans and french fries. She likes dipping things right now so a little bit of ketchup on the side will make it very appealing to her.

I'm worried about Steve's grandmother. She's getting older, early to mid-eighties and lives alone. Granted it's in an apartment, not a house, and she's only a few minutes from Steve's father (I'd guess less than 2km) but she keeps falling a lot lately. We are blessed that Steve has a job that allows him a personal day like today to go handle things like this, but I think it may be time to consider putting her in some sort of assisted living residence. She can do a lot on her own still, mostly everything, but I worry about how these falls are effecting her, or that she'll take a really bad one and seriously hurt herself. But it isn't my place to tell them what to do, since I'm family by marriage and not blood. I would not want someone telling me what to do with my Oma, so I told Steve my opinion and will now keep my mouth shut.

But any readers who are so inclined please keep her in your prayers.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let the countdown begin.

So lots of update information today.

Katrina trying baby oat cereal.
First of all, did you know that it is 326 days until the Toronto Scotiabank Marathon? Well it is!! And this ladies and gentlemen is the marathon I plan to run as my first marathon. So after I finish the Waterloo half-marathon in April/May I will be registering for my very first marathon. This is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I know I will have loads of time to train for it, and my first few tempo and speed runs are going great, but 42.2km is a pretty daunting distance to run, especially when my longest run this year has only been 15.8km.

Apparently laptops taste better than oat cereal.
As for my dog bite I meet with the by-law officer tonight. I have written my statement of what happened and printed one of the photos that Steve took (yes a photo of my butt) and will be giving it to him tonight when he stops by. This is what gives him the power to fine the owners both with the local by-laws and also according to Ontario laws. It's a bit challenging for me because not only do I live on the outskirts of town, I live a block away from the border of two townships. So I live in one and was bit in another, so there are many different departments involved in this. But hopefully the owners will learn a lesson, get a big fat fine, and their dog will hopefully not have to be put down for this but ultimately that decision is not mine.

The girl who cries "help me" aka cookie face!
Finally, another happy note. I did my second tempo run yesterday and it went great! I ran this:
  • 1 mile @ 5.2 mph (at the 0.7 mile mark had to get off to check Lillian)
  • 2 miles @ 5.5 mph (stayed the course and it was really hard, especially the last 0.3 miles)
  • 1 mile @ 5.2 mph (got off at 3.3 miles to fix my shoe lace - my right shoe is having issues)
I felt great running this as it was a challenge but not so hard that I felt like I couldn't do it. I didn't like Lillian screaming through her baby monitor. She's actually started to cry "help me" and scream like something is wrong and when you check on her she's sitting up fine and dandy. I like her use of words but not that she's crying wolf all the time lately. I know she'll learn eventually but right now it's a bit of a pain. I also have to figure out what is wrong with my right running shoe. My food always ends up cramping in the same spot because the laces are too tight but everything I do doesn't seem to help. Maybe I should just re-lace them and see if that helps.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's coming back.

Alice on November 19th.
My hour glass figure that is! I've now dropped 37.6% of the weight that I need to lose to get back to my pre-baby weight which isn't too bad and look over there (to the right). I couldn't believe it when I fit into this shirt. It's the first time this shirt fit me since I bought it while pregnant. I'm one bad ass mother runner and so proud of it. I wanted to post this yesterday but after the whole dog bite incident I didn't.

So as you can see I've got a nice little hour glass coming back again, and I hope that soon it will become more pronounced, but for now it is making me feel pretty good about myself and will keep me going as I work toward my next goal, which is 10% of my body weight lost (19.2lbs).

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A day of regret.

So everyone has days where they wish things had gone differently and today is one of those days for me. I love my outside runs. I love them with my girls and without. Having them get fresh air means a wonderful nap, and having the time to push myself and think about things is also wonderful. But there are risks in running on my own. Today I learned that the hard way.

I wanted to do a 12-15km run today either on the treadmill or outside. With 50km/hr wind gusts taking one or both girls was out of the question, so the plan was that Steve spent the morning puttering about, I would run during nap time and then he and Lillian would head to chapters after she woke up. I was planning to do 10-12km outside because of the horrible wind and when I hit the corner where I needed to make the choice I decided to push myself despite the crazy wind and chance of rain (it had spit on me a bit by then). I love the feeling of pushing myself that little bit. Well almost exactly at the half way mark something horrible happened. A dog bit me ... in the butt.

Let me start by saying I am a dog person. Anyone who's read my blog since the begining knows we had a dog and had to give her up because she was too affectionate with Lillian and their love resulted in many, many head bumps on tile floors. It broke my heart and I still miss her, but I digress. Running in the country you meet a lot of dogs. I know which ones are happy, friendly and just want to follow me for a half kilometer. The ones that are mean but are tied up or fenced in. And finally the ones who come to the end of their property and growl at you and then go back home. This dog was one of the last kind. I know he/she is cranky and so I always run on the opposite side of the road (something I do for all the not friendly dogs) and yet it crossed 2 lanes of cars to the other side of the street and while it's buddy distracted me bit me in the bum. I'm not a wuss by any means but I felt it, stopped and turned at the dog and screamed at it. It then ran back home.

I know this particular dog is territorial. It has never left the property before, but has growled at me several times and made me uncomfortable running by. So I finished jogging home and once I got here and my butt warmed up the pain hit, and Steve checked it out and it broke the skin and I have two K9 teeth impressions in my butt, though my pants are fine. I ended up calling the SPCA, who because it's in the country and out of town (as in another township - seriously I'm on the edge of the city) they have no authority, but they gave me the number of the people to call. Then I called my doctor's office's after hours number, and the nurse told me to stop nursing and go to the ER because I'm nursing. Steve and I drove to the house of the owner to try and get more info (especially if the dog has its shots) but they were not home. So I went to the ER and he stayed with the girls.

I waited 3 hours to see a doctor, and filled out the bit report. In the end no rabies shots for me (thank goodness). According to the doctor the form goes to public health. They will go to the house and speak to the owner, contact the dog's vet, and quarantine the animal for 10 days. If it shows any signs that are a concern they will contact me and my doctor and I will be sent to him to get the rabies shots. I called Steve and mom to tell them. My mom went crazy telling me I had to follow up with everyone because they lose everything and how will I know and blah blah blah. I get the whole overprotective mom thing (really I do) but that isn't what I needed at that point. I just wanted to her to say "glad you're okay and love you" but instead I got freaked at. But that's my mom.

So now I'm at home with a sore butt wishing I had just turned around at the 5k mark, worried that this dog is going to be put down for biting me, and at the same time worried that it won't be put down and will bite me again the next time I run that route (which I need to a lot in the next while since it's my long route) or worse bite one of the girls in the stroller. Steve talked to the neighbors when I was at the hospital trying to find the owners to learn if it was vaccinated, and they remember me running by often a while back, and said the dogs are always in their yard and a real pain so I'm not feeling so good about the whole situation. Stupid owners. Why can't they keep their dog under control.

Anyway that was my day and now I'm tired and need to go hold a baby to feel better.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Favourites - holidays

Okay while I like all holidays, I especially like the ones that have a day off. Who doesn't love an extra day off, and for me it usually means an extra long run on a weekend because my hubby is home to stay with the little ladies, and I take my rest day on Tuesday instead. Gotta love the extra distance I squeeze in on a week like that. But I also really like the opportunity to spend time with my family and ones that involve cool decorations. So below are my top three favourite holidays and why.

1/ Christmas
I enjoy the getting together of family, the fact that my birthday happens three days before, as well as the fact that both my husband and my places of work are closed from Christmas day until the day after new years. I also love how much time we spend as a family and the decorations and cookies! Oh the decorations and cookies. Loves it!

2/ Halloween
I love the costumes, the decorations, the kids, the candy. All around it's just a BLAST! This year I was on handing out candy duty with the little one while Lillian and daddy get candy, and next year Steve and I will switch.

3/ New Years
While not the most exciting holiday, we have a fun tradition that we watch a set type of movies on that day. One year we did a Tim Burton marathon, another it was Star Trek. Really an awesome thing to keep doing, and I'm excited to see what this year's theme will be.

Others that didn't make it into the top 3 and why.

Easter - love the family time but hate that you now don't get Monday off as well as Friday. This might make me a bad Catholic but I also hate how many times you have to go to church that weekend. It's really hard with two little ones and trying to see family that weekend, so we always end up missing one or two services and I feel super guilty about it after.

Canada Day / Victoria Day - I'm not a big fan of fireworks and my hubby really is so he always wants to go. I've had a great excuse with the little babies being so small that it would just scare them but Lillian is getting bigger and next year I may have to actually go.

Family Day / Civic Holiday / Labour Day / Thanksgiving - same old holidays. Don't usually do anything overly special, though we are working on that and trying to do more things.

Valentine's Day - silly day you "have" to buy crap for. Not worth my time. In this house it's Oma's birthday and that's the special part.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thinning Thursday.

Okay, so this morning I woke up tired and hoped on my scale but didn't like what I saw because I stayed the same. I was cross and grumbled a bit and heard my peanut squeaking. So I went and grabbed my little one and fed her and afterwards realized that I always weigh myself AFTER I nurse the baby. So I handed her to daddy and went back to the scale and sure enough down 0.4lbs. Seriously! Nursing makes that much of a difference? That is CRAZY! Who would have thought that my kid sucks a half pound out of me every time she eats! So I feel great about that, and even if I'm bummed I only lost 0.4lbs I have to be honest with myself about a few things.
  • I snacked more on Wednesday evening this week than I normally do.  
  • I had cookies for lunch on Wednesday.
  • We had a big party on Sunday and I enjoyed it very much and really enjoyed the quiche my mommy made, and the cakes I baked. 
  • I found the Halloween candy again this week (why my toddler only wants to eat suckers and not chocolate is not good for my diet).
  • I also spent two weeks resting from running and am now back at it since Monday.
Steve on the other hand, did much better. He lost 1.8lbs which made me a bit cranky. He doesn't work overly hard, he just going to the gym, does his weight training, I pack his lunch, I make his dinner, I set up his chart so he can count his points. So rather than being all 'green eyed monster' about his loss versus mine, I'm taking credit for it. That's right, this week I allowed us to lose a total of 2.2lbs! Go me!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Running on Coffee ...

literally. But let me start at the beginning. So I went to my office today to visit my coworkers while on maternity leave with my little ladies, and we had a great time! I brought my leftover cookies from the party and everyone joined me for coffee and goodies and it was hilarious. Lillian climbed up and down all the couches and ate half of three cookies while I finished them off for her. So I had a nice time socializing with all my coworkers and enjoyed some yummy half cookies and a lot of coffee. Then after I got home I fed my monkey and peanut and they both passed out and I jumped on the treadmill and ran 11.1km. I felt amazing after I was finished and I was fueled by only coffee and cookies. Who knew you could run 11km on just coffee and cookies! I couldn't figure out when to stop running, so I hit 10k and noticed my treadmill was at 968 calories and thought it would be cool to break 1000, so I run until I did. Now while I wouldn't advise everyone to try this, running on cookies and coffee that is, I would say it was an interesting run and my turkey and cheddar sandwich afterwards never tasted better.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The good, the bad and the CRAZY!

What's up? You know I'm cute!
You know you are still hormonal from pregnancy when you cry at TV shows where a baby and mother are separated. And people this was Star Trek, not a super girlie show. I am at that hormonal stage where anytime I hear about a baby being hurt, or separated from his/her mom, or a mom hurting a baby I just want to cry my eyes out. I love my girls and I would give my life for them in a heartbeat, and I don't understand how any parent wouldn't feel the same. The very thought that a baby could be born into a family and not be wanted or loved just breaks my heart. I don't want to think about it anymore because it makes me so sad, and my crazy horomones can't take anymore.

One, lucky for me hormone-wise after I saw my doctor yesterday, he agreed that we are going to watch my thyroid more this time. I am getting blood work done next week just to check my iron and thyroid. So now I have to figure out how to get this done with my two babies. Maybe I'll ask a girlfriend to come with me or do it on my husband's lunch break. Lucky for me we have lab very close to both my and my husband's offices so I can get him to come with me if no one is available. Maybe I will just do that.

On a funny note, when Steve got home last night Lillian ran up to him and said "hand". He took her hand and she said "up stairs" and started to lead him up the stairs. She only does that when she wants to go to bed. So he went with her and she was in bed by 7:40pm, not her usual 8:30pm. Funny little lady.

Finally I had an AMAZING run yesterday! I did my first Speed run. Here is the breakdown:
  • 1 mile @ 5.0mph (slightly under forever pace)
  • 3 sets of 0.5 miles @ 5.9mph followed by 0.3 miles @ 4.5mph
  • 1 mile @ 5.0mph (slightly under forever pace)
Honestly I felt good but it didn't hurt as much as I expected it to. For the start and end speed I went conservative so I wouldn't be too tired before the speed work started, but that may have backfired. The running speed felt hard the first one, because of the change in speed but after walking it wasn't so bad. If I'm being 100% honest I could have done a 4th set. I also feel that my walking speed may have been a bit slow, since I was fully recovered in less than 0.2miles. So maybe we can reduce the walking distance or speed it up a bit. Part of me was nervous about this run because I did the math beforehand about how long it should take to complete and it was over 50 minutes, and that can be a long time for my girls. Katrina really didn't want to sleep either because she napped during our morning errands in the car, but luckily Lillian was so exhausted sill from the party on Sunday that she went down for her nap from 1-4 no problem so I could wait for Katrina to sleep from 2-4pm. Next week will be another tempo run and I have lots more usual runs to do this week! Wish me lots of good baby naps!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wonderful last few days.

Our family at St.Louis after the baptism.
The party went amazing yesterday. The baptism was beautiful, and Katrina was very well behaved. She didn't cry any more than the other babies being baptized and they all took turns so not very much crying at once. A lot of our family and friends were able to attend which made me really happy. A few faces that I expected were not there and that made me sad, but one was sick, one was trapped on an island (bad weather = boat can't run) and the other I'm not sure since she said she was coming but didn't show up. But overall it was a blast. I don't remember too much of it because I kept having to nurse Katrina and get people things and locate things needed for other things but I know everyone had a blast!

Lillian with her party birthday cake.
In other news, Katrina and I went to the doctor this morning. She didn't gain much since her last appointment. And by not much I mean she gained 3 oz in a month, which really is not a lot. So now I'm going to be adding cereal into her diet to try and help her increase her weight a bit. She's still in the 50th percentile for weight and is following a similar weight path as Lillian did. So I know that she's good, plus she's very alert, playful and happy so I know she's doing fantastic and am okay with that. As for me we are checking my iron and thyroid levels to make sure I'm good and hopefully I'll be good to donate blood in January. I've never done it before but really want to so as long as my iron looks good I should be able to.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

So tired but so worth it.

Tomorrow my little lady will be getting baptized and we are going to be having a rockin party for both her and her big sister. Lillian will be having her second birthday party tomorrow as well so that all our family can come together to celebrate together all at once without having to do multiple car trips to come see us.
The little ladies having fun.
So I spent the entire day today cleaning, cooking, running errands and getting everything ready for tomorrow. My running girl friend is coming over to put the food in the oven for me, my family will be attending the Mass, and then afterwards we will all be coming back to our place for a lot of delicious food. I even made two cakes. I made my usual chocolate mocha cake with chocolate ganache in the middle and butter cream icing outside. I also make something called a burnt sugar chocolate bar cake which will be super yummy. The chocolate is Lilly's birthday cake and the other is Katrina's baptism cake. So I will try to take a bunch of photos and post some for you all to see tomorrow.

And and I apparently forgot to mention that I dragged my crazy butt on the treadmill at 8:30pm. I only made it 2.2 miles before my legs literally gave out on me, but at least I ran!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Favourites - race medals

For anyone out there who is a runner you know that with completing races comes finisher medals. I have yet to run a race where I didn't get a medal at the end. I mean I enjoy them and all but honestly what is the point of them? For someone who runs a few races a year for say twenty or thirty years that would be sixty or more medals. What on earth are you supposed to do with all these things??? Well I have one answer and the idea comes from my friend Cecilia, but the successful completion comes from me!
We turned them into fridge magnets! I don't know if I've ever mentioned it but my husband is obsessed with magnets. (Seriously I'm married to a 10 year old in a 30 year old's body!) So we have all these random industrial strength magnets in our house in every possible shape, size and strength. So I grabbed a hold of two of the long, rectangular, narrow ones and a tub of my mom's nail be gone glue and since one was porous (which is required for the glue to hold) and the other had carvings on the back (so we could use that for the porous part) we gave it a shot and they turned out great.

The magnets we used came from a local place that sells strong magnets. I picked them up from them and they are a good price for how powerful they are. The place is called Indigo Instruments and if you're curious the magnet I used is the 50mm x 5mm x 2.5mm, but I think I'll use two smaller ones in the future on such large medals. Maybe two of the 25mm x 10mm x 2.5mm would work. Thanks to the super strength of the magnets they can hold a lot of stuff up. I had $200 in twenties on my fridge to deposit in the bank, and these babies could hold all of it up including the random papers below it. The magnet I used cost about $2.50 plus tax (no delivery fee since we are in the same town) which is cheap for making a medal into a magnet you can keep forever.

So while I still have no idea what I'll be using every medal I ever get for, unless Lillian wants them all for her dress up box, I can at least say I know what I'm doing with the first medal I get from any race I run. I figure one of each race is enough and lucky for us, we have a full fridge and stand up freezer, so we have lots of room to put them all on.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thinning Thursday.

Katrina working on sitting up.
Confession. Some days I look at my beautiful baby and think "you did this to me" but then she smiles and I think "and you are worth every single ounce I gained and I would do it again in a heart beat!" The fact that post baby (once the weight loss slowed down) with both girls I was 192lbs means I can't blame one more than another since they both gave me the same amount of work to get healthy again. Though, it was easier with Lillian since I took up running and it was such a huge shock to my system that the weight came off much faster. But an advantage with Katrina is that I have a much better and easier time nursing her. I just started taking my Fenugrek this week to up my milk supply so I can pump easier. We're running out of pumped milk in the freezer and I don't have the time to naturally increase my supply by just pumping four or five times a day.

Lillian using daddy as a chair.
But I digress. Today my WI went great, and I am down 1.4lbs as of this morning. I worked really hard this week and feel I earned it. After last week's Halloween candy binge I worked hard to stay clear of it this week, and brought my mini chocolate bar consumption down to 8. While that may seem like a lot still, last week it was 25-30 so that is a huge difference. I also made sure to track every single thing I put in my mouth (including Lillian bites which I often forget), and since Monday (when my running week reset) I've worked very hard on my running and made my tempo and medium runs really count this week. I also checked my measurements this week and in the past 6 weeks I've dropped 11cm off my body which is not too shabby either.

Another reason for my success I believe is that my husband has decided to join me in my weight loss journey. I find it's much easier to keep myself accountable when he is eating the same thing as me. It's nice when he eats the same thing I do. When he stays on point like I do. When he has to really think about whether he wants that beer or those chips or that latte. I know he shares my pain and since I've been doing this for months now I feel I need to set the good example for him and that helps keep me accountable. He managed to drop 2.6lbs this week so he's pleased as well. Now he's off to work and the gym, and I'm off to play with our daughters and run during nap time.

Good luck on all your journeys and I hope you're doing well in them too.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week of rest did me good.

So today I had another wonderful run. I pushed myself to not step off the treadmill and I only had to once during my 65 minute run. That once shouldn't even count since I HAVE to check on the baby after 45 minutes if she's napping while I run. She goes to sleep either in her playpen or swing so I know she can't hurt herself or get into trouble but I usually check her after 3.1 miles (5k) or 30 minutes to make sure she's still asleep. If she's up I'll cut my run short, but at least I can get my 5k minimum in. I've got crazy mommy hearing so if she cries I can hear her from pretty much anywhere in the house (which sucks when daddy is trying to give me a bit of me time and she cries) which is good when I'm running. And in case you're wondering the toddler is asleep in her big girl bed in her room and I run with her baby monitor with me. She doesn't leave her bed when she wakes up, only calls me so it's not a big deal.

Anyway back to the run. I was inspired after yesterday's tempo run so I increased the warm up/cool down from 4.2 to 4.5mph and just did my forever pace for as long as I could. I planned a 60 minutes total run, but then at the 50 minute mark decided 60 minutes of forever pace would be better, so I did that instead. I even managed to not step off the treadmill except to check the baby. To be honest I step off it far too often which is a bad habit I'm going to break. From now one I plan to record the number of times I step off my belt every run, which will force me to be accountable for it. I always have a good reason, but they are more excuses so I can catch my breath. I mean, checking the baby and having to pee are real reasons, but adjusting my hair or clothing, refilling my water bottle, writing my speed/time/distance on my notepad, these are all just excuses to let me breathe so I can "keep running" at my pace I like better than a slower one. If I want to feel good about running 5.2 or 5.5 or even 6.0 for a set amount of time, then I should fully do it, and from now on I'm going to be much stricter about stepping off.

My new running shoes are really helping me since my shins and calves don't hurt at all. They ache a bit from yesterday's run, but the good workout ache, not the my shoes suck and my legs are killing me ache. My stairs don't feel so bad anymore either. So I'm feeling pretty good about myself today.

Enjoy the video below of my babies. If you wait till the end you'll see true sibling rivalry right before the camera died.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Training has started.

So yesterday was a rest day and today the raining for my half marathon has begun. Technically it started last week with a rest week but we'll go with it. While starting 25 weeks in advance might sound like a lot or even a bit excessive you have to realize a few important things.
  • First, I'm planning to run 3 other races before the half, 1 in February, and 2 in April (providing they don't conflict with my half). 
  • Secondly, I'm working on skills and technique that will be needed to train for my marathon next year, and starting now will give me the ideal numbers for speed work and tempo runs when I do marathon training.
  • Thirdly, I'm planning to add some serious cross training in January/February so starting early will allow me to take those months a bit easy if the boot camp drains me some weeks.
  • Finally, I have two small children so it may be a struggle to get in all my long runs when I want to and starting early will ensure I get the kms I need done. 
So today I did my first tempo run. My running BFF Cecilia is assigning me both my tempo run times and my speed runs so I don't have to worry about it. I have given her my speeds and times and such, and she has used this data to provide me my run info.

And today was the first of many runs. This is being used to train me for long runs that I will need to do on my marathon, and half marathon. I started out running a warm up of 1 mile at 5.2mph, followed by 1.5 miles at 5.5mph which was the tempo run, and lastly I went 1 mile at 5.2mph. I found the run to be really challenging but in a good way. Normally I end up stepping off the treadmill a few times to hit the loo, refill my water, adjust things, and so on, but this run did not have any of that. I pushed it and did it!

So now I'm very proud of myself, though a little bit nervous about what my next tempo run will be. Next week will be speed work and I have another three runs to complete this week too.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Almost fastest!

Wow so when I did my little 5k yesterday I pushed myself and thought nothing of it, but today my legs are a bit sore and I looked up my stats on my garmin watch and the crazy thing is yesterday's run was my second fastest 5k not on a treadmill! I managed to run 5.18km yesterday in 38:26 and the fastest before that was 5.17km in 36:24 on July 17th, 2010! So I'm pretty impressed with myself today.
Lillian being her crazy adventurous self!
I have a feeling that I did such a fast run in comparison to my other 5k runs because I don't tend to run a lot of 5k runs. My strength is distance not speed so I avoid doing small runs because they make me feel really slow and well like a loser but yesterday's run was awesome! So I got my tempo run information from my friend yesterday and I have to say it is a tiny bit intimidating. I need to wait for the day this week when my legs feel strong and I had a good night sleep. But with a baby who's been waking up around 4am for a feeding that could be a challenge, but I know one day will be good and that day I will try my tempo run.
Cecilia with our little lady.
So, this week I have a large list of things to prepare for the party but lucky for me, nothing that has to be done on a particular day except baking on Saturday when Steve is home! So I can go to the mall on the day I want to, Costco when I want to, and so on. It's going to be a nice, productive week. I also have only a few more knitting needle cases to finish for my friend's church craft sale. I'm making them for her as a favour. I've gotten very fast at it, but sadly it's now become a bit of a sweat shop, and not so much fun anymore. Steve laughs that I got so efficient it became work. But I'm almost done, and then I can move on to more fun projects. We were going to have a baby play date today but my girlfriend's husband is working from home today and I didn't feel it was fair to him to have all the kids running around. Steve can't get anything done with our two girls so if you have 5 in total that would be really hard to work through. So we're having it instead next week.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shopping spree.

So I had quite the shopping spree yesterday and it mostly entailed running gear! I bought myself a nice reflective running jacket, a bunch of socks, a winter thermal shirt, two pairs of Saucony progrid guide 4 (one blue and one pink) and two tubes of Nuun. I bought the shoes because the guide 5 just came out so they were reduced from $145 to $90 so I could not pass that up. I even bought one that I handed to my husband when I got home and told him this would be my birthday present from him. He laughed and said sure.
 I love my new jacket, and winter shirt. It means I can run in the winter and won't have to wear a cotton sweater and sweat pants this year. I also love that I can wear a blue reflective running jacket instead of my hideous vest my mother bought me, at least for the winter months. In the summer I'll still have to wear the vest, but that's okay.
Today, I had to do a little outside run to end my rest week because I start my training for my half-marathon in April 2012. Well since it's been a while since I was running hill less outside, I thought I should give it my all and I did awesome! I ran 5.18km in 38:26 and while that's a pretty slow 5k, it is the fastest outside 5k run since Katrina was born, and by quite a bit. My first 5k took 1:00:04 and my fastest other one was 5.08 in 43:22 I did an extra 100m and still ran 5 minutes faster. So I feel great about that. This week I start my tempo and speed work for my training. My running BFF is just going to assign me speeds and distances and I have to do them and report back. We'll see how it goes, though I'm a bit nervous since I've never done tempos before and I know she's going to push me. I love the idea of being coached and pushes, but it also makes me a little nervous. I'll let you know how the first run goes!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Favourites - healthy goodness

Okay, after last week's emphasis on the sugary goodness in our lives, this week I will focus on my favourite healthy goodness that I cook regularly or have discovered.

1/ Bean and Vegetable soup
I recently created this soup thanks to having so many extra veggies in my fridge from my organic vegetables from a local sponsored farm. I just soak my beans (with barley, rice or quinoa) overnight and then toss them into a large pot and follow them with any and all the veggies I want and some garlic, salt and veggie stock. The soup is so simple and good Lillian loves it too. Yesterday she even ate my whole bowl of soup in addition to hers.

2/ Apples, Bananas and Carrots oh my
I am a big fan of raw fruits and veggies. I love apples, oranges, bananas, berries, mangoes, melons, and other yummies. I enjoy turning them into smoothies or mixing them with yogurt, nuts and granola. The same is true for raw veggies. I love my celery, carrots, avacado, cucumbers, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, and other such wonders. With or without dip, they are so yummy and I find just keeping them around encourages me to eat healthy.

3/ Baked Falafels
I haven't made these in a while (they didn't agree with my third trimester and until this moment I forgot about them) but they are sooo good. My running BFF is also a fan, and she knows her falafels! They taste really yummy and even my toddler enjoys them. I enjoy vegetarian food that is not fried, so these are a big hit and are great because you can freeze them once cooked and reheat for dinner or lunch at work. I added a bit of dried chilis to mine to give them an extra bite, which my hubby enjoys.

4/ Roasted Brussel sprouts or squash
I have not eaten brussel sprouts for years, but decided to give them another chance since there are very few vegetables I won't eat. I got some from my organic veggie pickup figuring that I should try local, fresh grown rather than who knows how old store bought if I was going to give them a fair chance. I roasted them, as per instructions from Cecilia, and honestly they were pretty good. I don't think I'll start eating them every week or love them to the extent that I love squash or potatoes, but for the two months that they are fresh and local we may enjoy them a few times.

5/ Spinach
Okay I will admit that I am a bit obsessed with spinach. It's my grandmother's fault. In Germany they have this frozen packaged creamed spinach, which my oma makes with potatos and scrambled eggs. So I ate it weekly when I would stay with her for the summer. (They live in Germany so a visit to them lasted 6 weeks) So when I got older I found out spinach was better for you than lettuce I slowed replaced lettuce with spinach on my hubby's sandwiches. For me I just swapped it. He never noticed until one day the top of his sandwich and he asked me what it was. I told him and he couldn't believe he'd been eating it like that for months without noticing, and it literally was like two or three months already. So now I put spinach on sandwiches, in salad, in omletes, under the cheese of my pizza, in soups, and more!

5 Wonderful Years!

Our family November 4, 2011.
Our family November 4, 2006.
Today is a very special day for me! Friday, November 4th is my 5 year wedding anniversary! I can't believe that I've been married to this amazing man for that long already. 

Steve is a kind and generous son, a loving husband, a devout father, and I am so blessed to have him in my life. Every day I remember why I fell in love with him, and I knew from the moment I saw him that he was the guy for me. I actually heard a song in my head! And soon enough we were a couple, and haven't looked back since.

On the way to the church.
He is my best friend, my biggest supporter, my better half, and so much more. I'm the luckiest woman in the entire world because he picked me and while the last five years have not been perfect I wouldn't trade a single day of it. The ups and downs have made us the couple that we are, and we will continue to grow together, and find new ways to express our love.
The "I got him" shot.

So now I have a loving husband, and two beautiful daughters, and I couldn't ask for more. I hope we have many, many long and happy years to look forward to.
Photos in the park he proposed in.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thinning Thursday.

Results this week? I stayed the same! Woot!

I know that usually isn't something to celebrate but I ate SO MUCH Halloween candy (aka chocolate) this week that I am just thankful I didn't gain. I almost used up all my extra weekly points too and I really didn't run much other than my Horror Hill race on the weekend. So I considered this week to be a wash and just wanted to stay the same. I really enjoyed the +20 mini chocolate bars I ate too. And, yes you read that right. I ate more than 20 of those two bite chocolate bars, and sadly we have a box of 100 left over and more that was from other boxes. Next year I will only buy enough for 75 kids (what we had this year) not the 100-150 kids I stocked up for this year.

I will say though that on Halloween I would rather have extra than not enough candy. Nothing is worse than having not enough candy. So here is one of our lovely family photos from a photo shoot we had at the park with my running BFF Cecilia. More will follow over the next few days!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Randomness/Crazy life!

So our little peanut is being baptized a week from Sunday and my goodness are things busy around here! Forgive the list but I just want to show how crazy it all is!
  • Yesterday was household stuff, like going to the bank and getting groceries. Today is a rest day. 
  • Tomorrow we have an appointment at the University of Waterloo because Lillian is participating in a toddler vocabulary study, and I want to swing by my department. Not to mention I'm going to the farmer's market before hand.
  • Then Friday is our anniversary so we have dinner plans, and one of my faculty members is babysitting for us (how blessed am I to have multiple women with PhDs happy to watch my girls - literally three or four of them) so I should tidy up a bit during nap time so my house isn't too messy. 
  • On Saturday I have some shopping to do with Cecilia (my race reward is to buy a bunch of race gear - I have saved up money for some time now) and then a friend and her guy are coming over for dinner, so my hubby better get the roast in the oven on time.
  • Sunday is Mass and rest (I think).
  • Then next week I have to buy the food for the party, finish sewing the goodie bags (thanks to Carrie at this mama makes stuff for inspiring me so much), buy the treats for the goodie bags, wash the girls' dresses, have a baby play date, our cleaning lady comes (I asked her to come as close to the party as possible and she was happy to help), get the party plates out and wash them, bake the cookies for the party, bake the cakes (yes two since it's a baptism and birthday party) and decorate them, and then maybe decorate the house for the party!
And I have to do all that while chasing a toddler, and feeding a 4 month old! These really are the crazy times. But I'm going to make sure that the week after the baptism is quiet and relaxing here. Katrina has a checkup the day after the baptism but the rest of the week will be quiet. Maybe some sewing and library trips and a few runs too.

There is something really exciting that happened around here. At the end of October a new library opened up only 2km away from us, so I'm really excited since they have play times, story times, etc... It will also give me a place to go to meet some more moms which is always nice. I have a lot of mom friends who are on mat leave now too so I tend to visit them more but I think I'm stuck at home a lot and need to get out more but I find that conflicts with the girls nap times and my running. If I go out a lot I can't run as much, and if I can't run I won't lose the weight and then I'll get depressed. It's kind of a vicious cycle but I will find a balance soon. Or maybe I won't. Things change so fast with kids at this age that just as you get used to something it changes. Example? I just got both girls to nap at the same time in the afternoon and now Lillian is trying to ditch the nap all together! C'est la vie!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Pre-trick or treating snack
I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween yesterday. We sure did! I ate too much candy but I think that is expected this one day a year, and frankly I tracked it all and today is a new day. The past few weeks I've been eating 1 chocolate a day which isn't a big deal and so with a box of over 100 pieces left it'll take a while before they are all gone. I think we'll be having a huge candy bowl at our girls' birthday/baptism party in two weeks. Hopefully that will help us get rid of some of this candy in a way that doesn't make me fat!

But onto the fun events and photos!

Little Bo Peep
Lilly didn't want much dinner so we got her a snack of something she always eats, chips. After that we got her in her costume (no fighting it either, though we were warned toddlers did not always like their costumes) which was made up of clothes and toys she already had. I call her dress her venn diagram dress. We bought it for church and for her sister's baptism.

Riding in her chariot
For gathering candy I gave Steve the wagon, which wasn't the best idea. She rod in it from house to house and then waited for dad to pick her out of it and put her back in it after she got her candy. Lesson learned. Next year no wagon!
Once she was home and we were giving out candy everytime someone came to the door, she would grab candy out of our bowl and run off with it. That wasn't a big deal though since we have so much left over!

Steve and I really went all out with the decorating below!
Our spooky front porch (with fog machine)
My husband's creepy pumpkin
And lastly Lillian was up past her bedtime until 8:40pm and as you can see she was VERY tuckered out and went right to bed.
Little Bo Pooped

October Summary

Wow where did October go? So the month went really well.

I managed to run a total of 160.14km or 5.16km each day of the month. This helped me to achieve my goal of beating last year's time in my 15k hill run. I wanted to not only beat my time but complete the race in under 2 hours which I did! So that alone is a HUGE accomplishment for this month. I also have almost gotten back to my pre-baby running on the treadmill. Before my forever pace was 5.5mph and now it's 5.2 so I'm almost there!

You can find more information on the Horror Hill run here, and there is a youtube video below.

On the weight loss front I managed to drop 4lbs this month. Considering a healthy loss is 1-2lbs a week and I'm a nursing mom so 2lbs isn't good for the baby I'm thrilled with the results. I think 1lbs a week is a good goal until my daughter is eating more solids, around 8 or even 9 months. Then I can really push myself to drop more weight. For now I think this is just right. I'm feeling confident about myself, am improving my running but my baby is gaining weight and is healthy, active and growing well!

So let's hope that next month goes as well as this one did.