Monday, November 7, 2011

Almost fastest!

Wow so when I did my little 5k yesterday I pushed myself and thought nothing of it, but today my legs are a bit sore and I looked up my stats on my garmin watch and the crazy thing is yesterday's run was my second fastest 5k not on a treadmill! I managed to run 5.18km yesterday in 38:26 and the fastest before that was 5.17km in 36:24 on July 17th, 2010! So I'm pretty impressed with myself today.
Lillian being her crazy adventurous self!
I have a feeling that I did such a fast run in comparison to my other 5k runs because I don't tend to run a lot of 5k runs. My strength is distance not speed so I avoid doing small runs because they make me feel really slow and well like a loser but yesterday's run was awesome! So I got my tempo run information from my friend yesterday and I have to say it is a tiny bit intimidating. I need to wait for the day this week when my legs feel strong and I had a good night sleep. But with a baby who's been waking up around 4am for a feeding that could be a challenge, but I know one day will be good and that day I will try my tempo run.
Cecilia with our little lady.
So, this week I have a large list of things to prepare for the party but lucky for me, nothing that has to be done on a particular day except baking on Saturday when Steve is home! So I can go to the mall on the day I want to, Costco when I want to, and so on. It's going to be a nice, productive week. I also have only a few more knitting needle cases to finish for my friend's church craft sale. I'm making them for her as a favour. I've gotten very fast at it, but sadly it's now become a bit of a sweat shop, and not so much fun anymore. Steve laughs that I got so efficient it became work. But I'm almost done, and then I can move on to more fun projects. We were going to have a baby play date today but my girlfriend's husband is working from home today and I didn't feel it was fair to him to have all the kids running around. Steve can't get anything done with our two girls so if you have 5 in total that would be really hard to work through. So we're having it instead next week.

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