Saturday, November 19, 2011

A day of regret.

So everyone has days where they wish things had gone differently and today is one of those days for me. I love my outside runs. I love them with my girls and without. Having them get fresh air means a wonderful nap, and having the time to push myself and think about things is also wonderful. But there are risks in running on my own. Today I learned that the hard way.

I wanted to do a 12-15km run today either on the treadmill or outside. With 50km/hr wind gusts taking one or both girls was out of the question, so the plan was that Steve spent the morning puttering about, I would run during nap time and then he and Lillian would head to chapters after she woke up. I was planning to do 10-12km outside because of the horrible wind and when I hit the corner where I needed to make the choice I decided to push myself despite the crazy wind and chance of rain (it had spit on me a bit by then). I love the feeling of pushing myself that little bit. Well almost exactly at the half way mark something horrible happened. A dog bit me ... in the butt.

Let me start by saying I am a dog person. Anyone who's read my blog since the begining knows we had a dog and had to give her up because she was too affectionate with Lillian and their love resulted in many, many head bumps on tile floors. It broke my heart and I still miss her, but I digress. Running in the country you meet a lot of dogs. I know which ones are happy, friendly and just want to follow me for a half kilometer. The ones that are mean but are tied up or fenced in. And finally the ones who come to the end of their property and growl at you and then go back home. This dog was one of the last kind. I know he/she is cranky and so I always run on the opposite side of the road (something I do for all the not friendly dogs) and yet it crossed 2 lanes of cars to the other side of the street and while it's buddy distracted me bit me in the bum. I'm not a wuss by any means but I felt it, stopped and turned at the dog and screamed at it. It then ran back home.

I know this particular dog is territorial. It has never left the property before, but has growled at me several times and made me uncomfortable running by. So I finished jogging home and once I got here and my butt warmed up the pain hit, and Steve checked it out and it broke the skin and I have two K9 teeth impressions in my butt, though my pants are fine. I ended up calling the SPCA, who because it's in the country and out of town (as in another township - seriously I'm on the edge of the city) they have no authority, but they gave me the number of the people to call. Then I called my doctor's office's after hours number, and the nurse told me to stop nursing and go to the ER because I'm nursing. Steve and I drove to the house of the owner to try and get more info (especially if the dog has its shots) but they were not home. So I went to the ER and he stayed with the girls.

I waited 3 hours to see a doctor, and filled out the bit report. In the end no rabies shots for me (thank goodness). According to the doctor the form goes to public health. They will go to the house and speak to the owner, contact the dog's vet, and quarantine the animal for 10 days. If it shows any signs that are a concern they will contact me and my doctor and I will be sent to him to get the rabies shots. I called Steve and mom to tell them. My mom went crazy telling me I had to follow up with everyone because they lose everything and how will I know and blah blah blah. I get the whole overprotective mom thing (really I do) but that isn't what I needed at that point. I just wanted to her to say "glad you're okay and love you" but instead I got freaked at. But that's my mom.

So now I'm at home with a sore butt wishing I had just turned around at the 5k mark, worried that this dog is going to be put down for biting me, and at the same time worried that it won't be put down and will bite me again the next time I run that route (which I need to a lot in the next while since it's my long route) or worse bite one of the girls in the stroller. Steve talked to the neighbors when I was at the hospital trying to find the owners to learn if it was vaccinated, and they remember me running by often a while back, and said the dogs are always in their yard and a real pain so I'm not feeling so good about the whole situation. Stupid owners. Why can't they keep their dog under control.

Anyway that was my day and now I'm tired and need to go hold a baby to feel better.

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  1. That would scare me to death! I like dogs too but I think I might of done something else to the dog, just out of self defense....I'm glad you are ok!