Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Favourites - holidays

Okay while I like all holidays, I especially like the ones that have a day off. Who doesn't love an extra day off, and for me it usually means an extra long run on a weekend because my hubby is home to stay with the little ladies, and I take my rest day on Tuesday instead. Gotta love the extra distance I squeeze in on a week like that. But I also really like the opportunity to spend time with my family and ones that involve cool decorations. So below are my top three favourite holidays and why.

1/ Christmas
I enjoy the getting together of family, the fact that my birthday happens three days before, as well as the fact that both my husband and my places of work are closed from Christmas day until the day after new years. I also love how much time we spend as a family and the decorations and cookies! Oh the decorations and cookies. Loves it!

2/ Halloween
I love the costumes, the decorations, the kids, the candy. All around it's just a BLAST! This year I was on handing out candy duty with the little one while Lillian and daddy get candy, and next year Steve and I will switch.

3/ New Years
While not the most exciting holiday, we have a fun tradition that we watch a set type of movies on that day. One year we did a Tim Burton marathon, another it was Star Trek. Really an awesome thing to keep doing, and I'm excited to see what this year's theme will be.

Others that didn't make it into the top 3 and why.

Easter - love the family time but hate that you now don't get Monday off as well as Friday. This might make me a bad Catholic but I also hate how many times you have to go to church that weekend. It's really hard with two little ones and trying to see family that weekend, so we always end up missing one or two services and I feel super guilty about it after.

Canada Day / Victoria Day - I'm not a big fan of fireworks and my hubby really is so he always wants to go. I've had a great excuse with the little babies being so small that it would just scare them but Lillian is getting bigger and next year I may have to actually go.

Family Day / Civic Holiday / Labour Day / Thanksgiving - same old holidays. Don't usually do anything overly special, though we are working on that and trying to do more things.

Valentine's Day - silly day you "have" to buy crap for. Not worth my time. In this house it's Oma's birthday and that's the special part.

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