Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Pre-trick or treating snack
I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween yesterday. We sure did! I ate too much candy but I think that is expected this one day a year, and frankly I tracked it all and today is a new day. The past few weeks I've been eating 1 chocolate a day which isn't a big deal and so with a box of over 100 pieces left it'll take a while before they are all gone. I think we'll be having a huge candy bowl at our girls' birthday/baptism party in two weeks. Hopefully that will help us get rid of some of this candy in a way that doesn't make me fat!

But onto the fun events and photos!

Little Bo Peep
Lilly didn't want much dinner so we got her a snack of something she always eats, chips. After that we got her in her costume (no fighting it either, though we were warned toddlers did not always like their costumes) which was made up of clothes and toys she already had. I call her dress her venn diagram dress. We bought it for church and for her sister's baptism.

Riding in her chariot
For gathering candy I gave Steve the wagon, which wasn't the best idea. She rod in it from house to house and then waited for dad to pick her out of it and put her back in it after she got her candy. Lesson learned. Next year no wagon!
Once she was home and we were giving out candy everytime someone came to the door, she would grab candy out of our bowl and run off with it. That wasn't a big deal though since we have so much left over!

Steve and I really went all out with the decorating below!
Our spooky front porch (with fog machine)
My husband's creepy pumpkin
And lastly Lillian was up past her bedtime until 8:40pm and as you can see she was VERY tuckered out and went right to bed.
Little Bo Pooped

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