Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's coming back.

Alice on November 19th.
My hour glass figure that is! I've now dropped 37.6% of the weight that I need to lose to get back to my pre-baby weight which isn't too bad and look over there (to the right). I couldn't believe it when I fit into this shirt. It's the first time this shirt fit me since I bought it while pregnant. I'm one bad ass mother runner and so proud of it. I wanted to post this yesterday but after the whole dog bite incident I didn't.

So as you can see I've got a nice little hour glass coming back again, and I hope that soon it will become more pronounced, but for now it is making me feel pretty good about myself and will keep me going as I work toward my next goal, which is 10% of my body weight lost (19.2lbs).

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