Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Randomness/Crazy life!

So our little peanut is being baptized a week from Sunday and my goodness are things busy around here! Forgive the list but I just want to show how crazy it all is!
  • Yesterday was household stuff, like going to the bank and getting groceries. Today is a rest day. 
  • Tomorrow we have an appointment at the University of Waterloo because Lillian is participating in a toddler vocabulary study, and I want to swing by my department. Not to mention I'm going to the farmer's market before hand.
  • Then Friday is our anniversary so we have dinner plans, and one of my faculty members is babysitting for us (how blessed am I to have multiple women with PhDs happy to watch my girls - literally three or four of them) so I should tidy up a bit during nap time so my house isn't too messy. 
  • On Saturday I have some shopping to do with Cecilia (my race reward is to buy a bunch of race gear - I have saved up money for some time now) and then a friend and her guy are coming over for dinner, so my hubby better get the roast in the oven on time.
  • Sunday is Mass and rest (I think).
  • Then next week I have to buy the food for the party, finish sewing the goodie bags (thanks to Carrie at this mama makes stuff for inspiring me so much), buy the treats for the goodie bags, wash the girls' dresses, have a baby play date, our cleaning lady comes (I asked her to come as close to the party as possible and she was happy to help), get the party plates out and wash them, bake the cookies for the party, bake the cakes (yes two since it's a baptism and birthday party) and decorate them, and then maybe decorate the house for the party!
And I have to do all that while chasing a toddler, and feeding a 4 month old! These really are the crazy times. But I'm going to make sure that the week after the baptism is quiet and relaxing here. Katrina has a checkup the day after the baptism but the rest of the week will be quiet. Maybe some sewing and library trips and a few runs too.

There is something really exciting that happened around here. At the end of October a new library opened up only 2km away from us, so I'm really excited since they have play times, story times, etc... It will also give me a place to go to meet some more moms which is always nice. I have a lot of mom friends who are on mat leave now too so I tend to visit them more but I think I'm stuck at home a lot and need to get out more but I find that conflicts with the girls nap times and my running. If I go out a lot I can't run as much, and if I can't run I won't lose the weight and then I'll get depressed. It's kind of a vicious cycle but I will find a balance soon. Or maybe I won't. Things change so fast with kids at this age that just as you get used to something it changes. Example? I just got both girls to nap at the same time in the afternoon and now Lillian is trying to ditch the nap all together! C'est la vie!


  1. Hey there,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. Happy we've connected. I really appreciate you taking the time to share. What a cutie you have! Good luck with all you have going on - and enjoy relaxing afterwards, too! xo

  2. really crazy your life and cute baby . beautiful smile on face and excellent this post. good job
    Pink Lotus