Saturday, November 26, 2011

Running aftermath.

So after last night's crazy run I thought I would be all sore and miserable today but other than the fact that I've been STARVING all morning I feel good. I was a little stiff first thing in the morning, but after running some errands and eating a hardy breakfast and lunch I feel good. I think walking around to get vegetables and eggs from the farmers market right after waking up really helped me. That, and I don't think I've had a breakfast that large since I started trying to lose weight, but bacon and eggs with toast and fresh tomatoes can make you feel like you could run a half-marathon.

As for running my errands I did some really fun ones this morning. I headed to drop off some things at the second hand store, went to bulk barn and a baby store. I love that I go to the bulk barn, spend less than $20 and leave with a huge bag full of beans and rice and such, which my husband spends $30-40 and leaves with two or three food items and a lot of candy. The baby store was the fun one. I picked up two pairs of leggings for Lillian (my friend's daughter wears them and they are TOO cute). One is funky purple with pink, and one is black with white stripes. So they should go with anything. Katrina got two pacifiers, one is a baby one with a hole in the back to hold it in her mouth (I've got  cold and she likes to chew on my finger), the other is a razberry. Lilly had one but we can't find it. I also got to buy some really cute diaper covers.

So now it's early still on Saturday and I'm done my errands for the day. Baby Katrina is asleep after a good feeding and Lillian is upstairs with her daddy. Dinner is done (veggie bean soup) and I had a wonderful, quiet lunch of takeout Thai food with my husband. Dishes have been washed and put away and I am getting pretty efficient with my work since I'm often finding myself in this predicament where it's early afternoon and one kid is awake so I can't run or do anything that is noisy or that requires me to leave the floor they are napping on. So right now, I tidy up and make a lot of soup.

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