Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Running on Coffee ...

literally. But let me start at the beginning. So I went to my office today to visit my coworkers while on maternity leave with my little ladies, and we had a great time! I brought my leftover cookies from the party and everyone joined me for coffee and goodies and it was hilarious. Lillian climbed up and down all the couches and ate half of three cookies while I finished them off for her. So I had a nice time socializing with all my coworkers and enjoyed some yummy half cookies and a lot of coffee. Then after I got home I fed my monkey and peanut and they both passed out and I jumped on the treadmill and ran 11.1km. I felt amazing after I was finished and I was fueled by only coffee and cookies. Who knew you could run 11km on just coffee and cookies! I couldn't figure out when to stop running, so I hit 10k and noticed my treadmill was at 968 calories and thought it would be cool to break 1000, so I run until I did. Now while I wouldn't advise everyone to try this, running on cookies and coffee that is, I would say it was an interesting run and my turkey and cheddar sandwich afterwards never tasted better.

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