Saturday, November 12, 2011

So tired but so worth it.

Tomorrow my little lady will be getting baptized and we are going to be having a rockin party for both her and her big sister. Lillian will be having her second birthday party tomorrow as well so that all our family can come together to celebrate together all at once without having to do multiple car trips to come see us.
The little ladies having fun.
So I spent the entire day today cleaning, cooking, running errands and getting everything ready for tomorrow. My running girl friend is coming over to put the food in the oven for me, my family will be attending the Mass, and then afterwards we will all be coming back to our place for a lot of delicious food. I even made two cakes. I made my usual chocolate mocha cake with chocolate ganache in the middle and butter cream icing outside. I also make something called a burnt sugar chocolate bar cake which will be super yummy. The chocolate is Lilly's birthday cake and the other is Katrina's baptism cake. So I will try to take a bunch of photos and post some for you all to see tomorrow.

And and I apparently forgot to mention that I dragged my crazy butt on the treadmill at 8:30pm. I only made it 2.2 miles before my legs literally gave out on me, but at least I ran!

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