Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thinning Thursday.

Results this week? I stayed the same! Woot!

I know that usually isn't something to celebrate but I ate SO MUCH Halloween candy (aka chocolate) this week that I am just thankful I didn't gain. I almost used up all my extra weekly points too and I really didn't run much other than my Horror Hill race on the weekend. So I considered this week to be a wash and just wanted to stay the same. I really enjoyed the +20 mini chocolate bars I ate too. And, yes you read that right. I ate more than 20 of those two bite chocolate bars, and sadly we have a box of 100 left over and more that was from other boxes. Next year I will only buy enough for 75 kids (what we had this year) not the 100-150 kids I stocked up for this year.

I will say though that on Halloween I would rather have extra than not enough candy. Nothing is worse than having not enough candy. So here is one of our lovely family photos from a photo shoot we had at the park with my running BFF Cecilia. More will follow over the next few days!

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