Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thinning Thursday.

Katrina working on sitting up.
Confession. Some days I look at my beautiful baby and think "you did this to me" but then she smiles and I think "and you are worth every single ounce I gained and I would do it again in a heart beat!" The fact that post baby (once the weight loss slowed down) with both girls I was 192lbs means I can't blame one more than another since they both gave me the same amount of work to get healthy again. Though, it was easier with Lillian since I took up running and it was such a huge shock to my system that the weight came off much faster. But an advantage with Katrina is that I have a much better and easier time nursing her. I just started taking my Fenugrek this week to up my milk supply so I can pump easier. We're running out of pumped milk in the freezer and I don't have the time to naturally increase my supply by just pumping four or five times a day.

Lillian using daddy as a chair.
But I digress. Today my WI went great, and I am down 1.4lbs as of this morning. I worked really hard this week and feel I earned it. After last week's Halloween candy binge I worked hard to stay clear of it this week, and brought my mini chocolate bar consumption down to 8. While that may seem like a lot still, last week it was 25-30 so that is a huge difference. I also made sure to track every single thing I put in my mouth (including Lillian bites which I often forget), and since Monday (when my running week reset) I've worked very hard on my running and made my tempo and medium runs really count this week. I also checked my measurements this week and in the past 6 weeks I've dropped 11cm off my body which is not too shabby either.

Another reason for my success I believe is that my husband has decided to join me in my weight loss journey. I find it's much easier to keep myself accountable when he is eating the same thing as me. It's nice when he eats the same thing I do. When he stays on point like I do. When he has to really think about whether he wants that beer or those chips or that latte. I know he shares my pain and since I've been doing this for months now I feel I need to set the good example for him and that helps keep me accountable. He managed to drop 2.6lbs this week so he's pleased as well. Now he's off to work and the gym, and I'm off to play with our daughters and run during nap time.

Good luck on all your journeys and I hope you're doing well in them too.

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