Tuesday, December 6, 2011

16 days to go until

I turn 28! Hard to believe that I am having a birthday in just over two weeks. I'm very excited about it, even though it took me until today to realize just how close my birthday really is. I can't wait to have a wonderful night out with my husband and my little baby. Our toddler will be spending that week with her Oma so it'll just be the three of us, and I finally decided where I wanted to go for dinner. We are going to a restaurant named Flying Dog, and they have the most delicious chocolate souffle, and no I didn't pick the place based on the dessert. I was telling my husband about how I was planning to buy dessert so we could enjoy it at home after dinner because I'm very picky about dessert and don't want to pay $8 for a dessert I might not like. Plus, I might feel that I have to eat it, and that would be a waste of very valuable Weight Watcher points. So as Steve and I were talking about this, I mentioned how I didn't want to pick the restaurant based on the dessert because most don't have my ideal chocolate dessert such as chocolate mousse or souffle. Only the flying dog does. And then the bell went off in my head. We love the flying dog and haven't been there in AGES and I instantly thought why not go for my birthday!

So tonight I'm told my husband that I want to go there and he is to make a reservation for us. I am very excited and looking forward to my other meal out that day. I'm going to another awesome, albeit, healthier restaurant for lunch with Cecilia and that place is another of my favourites. So now I can have something wonderful to look forward to.

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