Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Favourites - 2011 memories!

Okay, so everyone has been making lists of what happened in 2011 so I figured I'd jump on the band wagon. So below is a list of my favourite memories and moments of 2011!

Mom brings Ghzala and Lilly to meet Katrina.
1- Birth of Katrina
Labour is not easy, and neither was this pregnancy but holding her in my arms after two days labouring was worth it. I would do it all over again and every day she looks at me and smiles and snuggles into me I just melt. She is such a blessing to me and I would give up everything for her in a hearbeat.

2- Lillian
Everyday Lillian does something to make me smile and while I can't name a specific memory that is my favourite I have to put her on my list because she is the light of my life. I love being blessed with such a kind little girl, who keeps me on my toes but at the same time reminds me how beautiful and pure life is.

Race completed.
3- Horror Hill Run
I couldn't be prouder of my running than when I not only beat my 2011 Horror Hill Run time, but also broke 2 hours which I really wanted to do!

4- 5 years with Steve
Steve and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary, and I was able to go out for dinner solo with my husband. We had a lovely celebration and I feel so blessed to have such a kind man in my life who supports me and puts up with my cranky trousers when they come out.

My Oma meets Katrina.
5- Oma's visit
She didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked but I must say seeing my Oma hold my girls made me so happy.

Baby Sleeper by Alice.
6- New love of sewing
I always enjoyed knitting, but this year I learned that I inherited my mother's mother's skill and passion for sewing. She was a seamstress and I have found a new way to connect to her which is a real blessing, since she has altzeimers and so no longer knows who I am. But I have some of her sewing supplies and she will always be with me thanks to that.

7- Grayson & Alec
My girlfriend and my sister both had scarey pregnancies. My nephew was born a few days shy of 32 weeks, after my sister was in the hospital on bed rest for 8 or 9 days after her water broke. My girlfriend had hemmorrhaging early on but delivered a healthy baby at term. So I am so happy and grateful that in both cases the boys and moms are healthy!

8- Running while pregnant
I didn't know if I could do it, but I not only managed to run while pregnant with Katrina, but I did it until 32 weeks along. I'm grateful my doctor let me do it and that it helped me from gaining even more weight than I did.

9- G's engagement
I have a good friend, who's older than me by 15 years, and she's been through SO much in her life that I always wanted her to find love and just be happy, and this year she did. I'm really sad that she's moving to a new town (because I am sooooo going to miss her) but honestly overjoyed that she has found love, like I knew she would, and that she is happy, because she deserves it more than most people.

One bad, pregnant, running, mama!
10- Finding Run Like a Mother
There were days that I felt alone trying to run while pregnant and with a baby, but this book really made me feel as if I am not alone. The book made me feel like part of a class of women who not only work and take care of their families but also find the time to take care of themselves (and keep their sanity) which can be so hard for many women and moms to manage.

So there you have it. 10 of my favourite memories of 2011! I hope you all have had a wonderful year and can easily come up with your own list! What are your top 10 memories for the year?


  1. Awesome 2011. Having a baby is so amazing. I miss it. Not really the labor part but the pregnancy and holding my babies right after I had them. Happy New Year!