Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mix and Match.

So lots of fun and random things to talk about today. Some are happy and some are not.

So to start off, I had a great run today. I wanted to go at least 5k and was hoping for 5 miles. At the start it didn't feel as if I would be able to make my hopeful goal but in the end I made it 6.5 miles and felt awesome. My most kms run in a week was 40, 44 and 46 and I am already at 24 so I'm hopeful that maybe I'll be able to run a new total in my top three. Always have to have something to shot for!

Tomorrow is my office Christmas party and I was really excited about it until I went into my closet today to figure out what to wear. Pretty much everything that I have that I like is too tight. Everything that I could wear that would be acceptable is too big. And everything else is just AWFUL. I'm a sad mommy now. I love that I've lost 20lbs and I feel amazing, but all my nice things don't fit and that makes it pretty hard, especially on nights like this. Lucky for my hubby can't make it so my date is my running BFF Cecilia and she said she'd go with me even if I wore my pjs and another coworker/good friend told me that everyone will just be so excited to see me that they won't care what I'm wearing. I understand that all that is true, but I wanted to get dressed up all pretty and it's hard when nothing fits.

Look how cute she is!
On another happy note, I love my girls. Katrina is getting so big, and doing so much. She started to eat baby cereal this week, and is doing a great job with it. Soon she will be eating her first solids, and by soon I mean this weekend. I'm thinking sweet potato or maybe squash. Lillian is really improving her vocabulary too. She's getting much better at saying things and some of her words are really cute. She loves to say ponies like "pow-knees" and I always smile when she does. She's also getting much better at telling me what she wants and can even help pick her own food now. Makes it easier and less wasteful when it comes to meals. I love watching them interact with each other and I think they are going to be great friends.
"Tuck" - Girl loves her Duplos.

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