Saturday, December 3, 2011

Not sick enough to skip my run.

Now I know most people feel that if you're sick you deserve a break and usually I agree, but this bloody cold has been hanging on for a week now and I'm still coughing up a storm. I managed to run 6km twice this week (Tues/Wed) and then nothing Thursday or Friday, though it is a rest week after all, and today I said "screw you" to the cold and ran anyway. And you know what happened? My lungs opened up and my legs did their thing and I felt great. I actually felt normal while I was running. Post run my throat was dryer than normal which brought on a coughing fit, but other than that I did a normal run and felt great doing it.  So today I am thankful that my icky, icky cold is not the kind that kills your running, but the annoying kind that lets you keep running!

I did my warm up at 4.5mph, ran for an hour at 5.2 which you all know is the forever pace, and then did a cool down to hit 5.6 miles and stopped. I even did an incline of 0.5 which I haven't done this week because of the cold. All counted I ran 65:20 and ran 9km, and my girls behaved. Lillian did the help thing again but I went up, told her to go to sleep, and then she was quiet. Katrina stayed asleep until I finished showering and then woke up. She does this a lot which I really appreciate. Part of me thought I should keep going but I had to remind myself that even though I feel great running I don't need to push myself too hard because it is a REST week, which means take it easy, and actually REST. Since I had planned to only do 5 miles and did 5.6 I figured enough was enough.

Even though I'm sick my body apparently is happy to run for me. I went on with a headache and sore legs and a nasty cough, and came off without the sore legs, a lesser headache and still the same cough. My cold may be evil but it is staying out of my lungs and only hurting my head and throat. Phlegm may be gross but it doesn't stop me running, though it is doing a number on my voice!

Lillian loves her toast!
Aren't Lillian's pig tails too cute? That's the best way to keep her hair up for gymnastics.

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