Monday, December 5, 2011

The Sunday that's really a Monday.

So on Saturday my husband was off at a conference in Toronto (Commodore 64) so to still get a weekend with his ladies, he booked today off. That means that Sunday was our Saturday and today was our Sunday. We had a wonderful weekend. Yesterday we went to the mall, and did a lot of Christmas shopping, (and as of this morning, I am DONE). We also hit up Zehrs to get the President's choice Christmas yummies, and enjoyed lunch at the mall. Lillian ate so much it was crazy. Lillian ate popcorn, a banana, a hot dog, and drank a whole thing of chocolate milk, I was thrilled. I had a great sandwich and salad. Afterwards we hit Walmart on the way home and got a heater for Lillian's room. We put our house at a warmer temperature because of the girls, and now we have a programmable heater in both of their rooms and can drop the house temperature at night again. Lillian wasn't sleeping well lately and I think it's because she was cold. After that, the girls went down for a nap, and Steve and I had a good talk. We've both been feeling a bit ignored by the other and when we try to discuss it we spend more time fighting our own side instead of listening to the other person. So we sat down while the girls slept and had a good hour long discussion over coffee. We redid our chore list and learned a lot about where the other one is coming from. Hopefully we'll have a much easier time with the little things now. I'm very excited about it!
Such a curious little face.
Today, I finally managed to get my blood work done. My doctor is checking my iron and thyroid. After the issues I faced after Lillian was born be agreed it's better to start watching it earlier this time. I spent over an hour waiting for it. Guess Monday mornings at the lab are busier than I expected, but I'm done and Steve got some time with the girls. After that I accomplished #32 on my list of 101 things! I mailed my application for Canadian citizenship! So now I wait for them to get it, and start the process. Then once I got home, the real adventure started! We dressed and fed the girls and headed out to get the last items for the Christmas shopping (Lego store anyone?), followed by a trip to the local Christmas tree place. Lillian loved it there, even though she slipped and fell in the mud. She didn't even notice. She kept eating her chocolate covered marshmellow. We laughed though. The tree we ended up with is almost 8 feet tall, and looks awesome in our house! I'm really excited to have a real tree this year, and Lillian keeps hugging it saying "tree" and "green". She also helped us decorate it while we watched Christmas specials. Lots of fun!! And we moved pizza night to today so we enjoyed our homemade pizza.

I also, did my tempo run today. It went really well. I ran a warm up and cool down of 1.0 miles at 5.2mph and then the tempo run was 2.0 miles at 5.5mph and 0.5 at 5.6mph. I was a little nervous that I couldn't do it based on the sickness, and such, but with Steve home I could concentrate on the run and not worry about the girls. I felt amazing running, but I forgot to increase the time on my treadmill when I started so it stopped at 45 minutes and I had to restart it. My bad! But I managed to run it and felt great. In fact I felt as if I could keep going, but had to stop because that's how far I was supposed to go. I'm excited for what the next run will bring and that I get to really run again this week. I'm hoping to try and beat 40km again.

So now at the end of my "weekend" we finished my Christmas shopping, had a good talk, enjoyed our pizza dinner and lunch out, bought and decorated our first real tree, had a lot of fun with our girls, maybe even started a tradition, and I rocked a run. I don't think I could ask for more!

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  1. Way to go on the running! Your dedication to making the time to workout is really inspirational! Sounds like a great couple of days for your family!