Monday, December 19, 2011


So I was all excited to have a week with just my little peanut while my toddler stayed with my mother, but then the dreaded teething struck our house.

My toddler was a great teether, and we barely noticed that she was in that stage until a tooth suddenly appeared. We learned that was why she'd been so sensitive all the time. But Katrina is not such a good teether. She screams, and cries and is obviously in serious pain. I don't like to see her in SO MUCH pain. It's really hard to handle. I'm now thankful that I have my little one alone here because I can really focus on her, her pain and doing whatever I can to alleviate it. I wish I could have a fabulous week with Katrina and do fun things and go out, but instead I am at home with a baby in pain and just trying to make it bearable for her. I don't want to sound selfish but I really hope she's over this by my birthday (Thursday) so that I can have a nice dinner with her and Steve and not worry about her screaming in the middle of a crowded restaurant.
Flying, teething monster!
So now I've had 4 nights in a row with little sleep, and I know I shouldn't be complaining since my daughters typically sleep 11 hours at a stretch but it's hard to accommodate such a huge change so suddenly. But she's been screaming now for 5 days so I'm hoping that these little chompers will be out soon and she'll be happy baby again.


  1. If it is her front teeth that she is cutting you can try her with a stick of celery...just watch that she doesn't get a piece off but celery has a natural numbing 'thingy' in it and helps with the pain plus it is cold so that I am sure helps too. Good luck!! and hoping you get some sleep!

  2. Your poor little one!
    My little girl is teething now too! Its so sad. She tries to be good and it just doesn't work. Check out the post I wrote about it: