Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thinning Thursday

This week, the scale won, but I'm okay with that.

Had I done everything perfect I would be more upset. But I have been working some things out this week. There are a few very logical reasons for why I am not mad.
- I have been playing with my points since Katrina is starting to eat cereal and such now (only every other day but it's happening)
- I did not drink all my water (and I'm usually so good at this but I have needed a LOT of coffee this week to survive)
- I snacked way too much between meals and nibbled on Lillian's food more than I realized

One of these things are not an issue on their own but combined they can be pretty taxing. So I went to weigh myself this morning and my scale told me that I didn't do it right. Now I'm not sure if it's the changes I made or if it's a rollover from another week that is just catching up with me. On the positive note I managed to run a 21k on the treadmill on Friday and had a decent week despite being pretty sick. So I'll take my 0.4lbs gain and move on.

Next week will be better and everyone have a great day!

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