Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Summary

After everything I went through in December, I have to say that January was a BIG improvement!

I started the month at 171.4lbs and ended it at 167.8lbs which means I only lost 3.6lbs! Having stalled at the end of last year  I am thrilled with that loss, and even more thrilled to be back in the 160's! January was a very busy time in our house, with Steve going to Sweden on business, and myself starting boot camp but we survived it and I did so lighter than the beginning!

As for running this month things went well. I run 122.28km over the course of the month. It should have been more, but considering my husband was on an international business trip for 8 days and I caught a horrible cold (which I still have) the last week of the month, I'm going to call my totals AWESOME! The breakdown is that I ran an average of 3.95km or 29:46 minutes a day. The monthly speed is lower than December's but I did more windy day runs this month than the last. I have been trying to prepare for the February refridgeeightor race in a few weeks, plus the days I ran while sick were quite a bit slower than average.

I also ran less because I had boot camp two days a week in January, and they have been making me feel great. Not as much pain as I expected, but I feel good about it and I got a DVD out of it that I can do after boot camp ends.

I'm looking forward to February and what it brings.
Katrina says to get a jump start on February!

Training Tuesday.


Above is this past week's training schedule.

Monday went well for me, despite my cold and running in the morning. I was a little worried about how a pre-sun rise run would work out but I managed to do well. I rocked the run, though I did step off the treadmill more often than I would usually. I found that, until my cold kicked in, the early morning runs were not as hard as I thought they would be. I enjoyed the burst of energy they gave me and even though I used up some points for a pre-run snack, I didn't need coffee that morning to wake myself up so it all balanced out. Let's hope it all works out that I can keep up the early morning runs, once the cold is over!

Boot camp is going well and I'm excited about it. We did some different things this week and I enjoyed it even though it was exhausting. I found it funny that during the Thursday workout I got so sweaty that during burpies when I had to get up off the mat there was a sweaty outline of me. I have to say that is a new one, but was most impressive. Guess I'm getting my money's worth.

My so called long run was sad and not a big run. I didn't manage to run the distance or speed that I wanted to, but weather sucked and my cold got to me. C'est la vie!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photo updates!

I'm sure you've all been in withdrawl from not having baby photos so here you go! I have to remember to be thankful for all I have. My hubby was in a minor car accident yesterday (car got banged up a bit but he was completely fine) and it reminds you what matters most in life! So here are my lovely little ones that mean the world to us.

Snowman building with daddy.
I like cheerioes and drool.
I'm gonna eat this toy.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Failures.

Sorry about the posting glitches this morning with my unfinished Friday favourites. Never got around to finishing them as it's been a very busy week. I hope to have some new Friday favourites at the middle or end of February. For now you get to hear about my sad little run today.

So to summarise, I'm just really bummed today. I planned a great run. My husband took the day off of work today so it was ideal! It should have been great and everything I dreamed of but instead everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, was against me!

So to start off with I have a cold. I've had it since Monday, and it isn't normally an issue but outside it literally took my breathe away from coughing. My husband's family day off turned into a my friend from out of town wants to go out for lunch. Fine, I shift my afternoon run to the morning which means running 14 hours after boot camp instead of 18, but I can overcome that. Next, I oversleep (baby woke up at 6am to be fed and I planned to stay up but instead I fell asleep again - ops). But that means I didn't have enough wake/bathroom time before my run. I also woke up to snow on the ground and it was still snowing! So those 1-2 inches of snow really hides ice. Not to mention the 33 or 43km per hour wind gusts.

All in all, I planned  to try to test my race pace for as long as I could and with my chest cold and the wind I didn't even make it to race pace, let alone hold it. So now I feel like a big fat failure. I wanted to test my body's ability to handle the necessary 6:44 pace and I couldn't even hit the pace. My best was barely a 6:59 I know the conditions were not ideal and my cold is really something that I should have taken into account when I made my run plan, but I didn't and not having met my goals makes me feel like I big LOSER!

So in the end, I did the best I could with my run and I know that. I cut the 12k down to an 8k. After the pathetic pace up until 5k I just stopped looking at my garmin, tied it to my water belt and just ran the best I could until I got home. I figure under the circumstances I did great but I'm still bummed. I hate runs like this where I come home feeling like a failure. They make me question why I even bother running when I have nothing to show for it. The logical side of me knows it all takes time and conditions of each run play a huge factor but my emotional side doesn't care.

And just to prove what a bad week I'm having I just managed to fall off the couch while blogging this because in an attempt to stand up and get my coffee I caught my foot on a baby toy and slid out causing me to crash into the table I keep my water on. Alexander said it best with his "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!"

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thinning Thursday.

I feel good (though sickly).

So this week I worked really hard. I did my booty camp, one day with a sore calve, and one day with tired thighs. I ate really well, and ran a great tempo run and a good weekend training run, but I didn't eat all my weekly points and I even had some super salty soup for lunch yesterday, but it was sooo yummy. I'm also fighting a pretty yucky cold, which means my, ummm how do I say this, bathroom schedule is not right, and I'm working on getting used to getting up early in the morning to run also. So all in all I had a really busy week but it was WORTH it.

Today I weighed in at 167.8 which means I dropped 0.4 lbs from last week! Woot, go me! It may not be an amazing loss but after last week I'll take it!

My husband came back from Sweden having gained a few pounds and I told him I would be in complete control of his food and help him drop it. He lost 2.8lbs of the 3.2lbs he gained on his business trip. So pretty soon he'll be back down to pre-trip weight and he'll feel super good about himself.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life and thoughts.

So today I had planned to get up before 6am and head to my treadmill to do a run, but I woke up and was full of snot, and coughing and pretty achy. Not boot camp achy but sickly achy. So I fed Katrina and turned off the alarm clock and went back to sleep. I debated running this afternoon but in the end figured that since next week is a rest week, I can run Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then rest again on Monday. That way I still get my distance, my number of runs and all that good stuff in this week, but then next week I can take it really easy.

Still don't have my Mac back but I am trying to wait patiently. It just means that I can't post photos (since they are all organized on my Mac and I don't want to have to do the job twice) and that I can't watch my normal shows or such. My hubby's computer is fine for weight watchers and facebook but blogging just isn't the same, and I don't have my regular files so I'll have a lot of running data to input when I get it back. But at least I will get it back soon (I hope!).

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Training Tuesday - week 12 of 25

Below is this past week's training schedule.

My Monday speed run went really well and I felt like I might  be sick during the last set, which I think is a good thing. I feel I should be pushing myself well beyond my usual comfort zone and these runs are really bringing that out, so I'm happy with how well it went.I also notice that my recovery time is much better and that I'm not struggling as much as I did before to catch my breathe on a mini break which makes me feel very proud. My easy runs were done in small parts and I'm not too happy that most of my runs are ending up at 5k or less because of the girls' sleep schedule. I have a plan for next week to increase my distances and it involves using my morning person, personality to my advantage. We'll see how that goes.

Jan 16 – 22
Week 12 of 25
01/16/12 9.98km Speed run - 1 mile @ 5.2mph, 6 sets of 0.5/0.2 mile @ 6.0/4.6mph, 1 mile @ 5.2
01/17/12 XT Week 12 of 25
01/18/12 8.37km Easy treadmill run in 2 parts
01/19/12 XT Booty camp
01/20/12 4.99km Easy treadmill run
01/21/12 12.82km Refridgerator training run
01/22/12 Rest Day
Total 36 km YTD: 97 km

My cross training is still a lot of fun. This week it brought on a bit of pain in my left calf but I took that as a sign that I was working hard, and I could still run with it, so that was a good thing. It did take about three days for the pain to go away but that's part of boot camp. I expect muscles that don't get used too much in running to hurt a bit during these work outs, and if nothing does, then why am I paying for it?

My long run with Cecilia went very well. It was an easy pace where we ran 5 minutes and walked 1 minute and chatted the whole time, so I really enjoyed myself and like to think she did too. Afterwards we went back to her place for pancakes and lattes. A very good way to start my weekend. I learned a few things on this run. First of all, I am not worried about running my Refridgee-Eighter race in less than three weeks since we did the route, and even with snow it's not too bad and the only hill is a mini-hill compared to the ones I usually run out here. Also, I know my yaks are doing their job and will keep me safe on this run. I also, figured out I need to make a reservation for brunch with Cecilia (if she wishes) and my hubby and girls after my race because goodness I was hungry and what better way to celebrate completing it than with brunch, or lunch depending on what time the race begins!

Monday, January 23, 2012


So Steve took my beloved Mac to the apple store today and they have ordered us a new hard drive. When they tried to turn it on in store, the computer told them it didn't have the hard drive. So very easy to see why that might be an issue. Hurray for apple care protection. Sadly it may take 1-5 days for it to be repaired. I miss my Mac but am happy to know that it will be home sooner rather than later. When our old Dell broke we had to mail it to them and it took 3 weeks to fix, so less than 1 week is fine by me. So sorry that I blog less right now, but I hate using my husband's Ubuntu laptops and the big computer is in the office and only available when he's not home, and honestly he bought this fancy keyboard from Germany and it's really loud when you type and it bugs the crap out of me. So until my Mac is home I probably won't be writing every day but I'll make up for it once it's back. Promise!

We had a really busy weekend with running, and theatre stuff but that's okay. I usually hate being really busy but now that Steve is back from Sweden being busy doesn't feel nearly as bad as when he was gone, because I was so crazy busy trying to get everything done while he wasn't here. This week alone, we have my two boot camps nights, Steve's two computer/entrepreneurial events, play stuff on the weekend ... It's just CRAZY! Then next week is show week but luckily it's also my rest week so we can manage that well. I want Steve to be happy so I'm trying to get him out into more events so if he decides to switch careers he'll have the connections that he can.

 In the world of Alice's running, I did my first really early am run today, and I survived it. I did my tempo run after feeding the baby, who woke up at 5:40am. So after she was changed and ate, I grabbed a half piece of peanut butter toast and hit the treadmill at 6:25am. I did my run, and it was over 9k in 61 minutes which is great. I'm hoping this will allow me to get longer runs in without worrying about whether or not the girls will nap for me. A few things I'll do differently next time. I'll boil the water for Steve's coffee in case the babies wake up (today I got upstairs at 7:30am and everyone was sound asleep still). I'll put my nuun drink in a water bottle on the treadmill so I don't have to step off to get it. I'll give myself a small slow warm up period (though that can't happen with tempo/speed runs) because that first mile SUCKED!!! But I have to say I'm pleased with how the run went and look forward to doing it again on Wednesday. We'll see how it goes after my evening boot camp the night before!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feeling bummed.

First of all, FYI, my mac is DEAD and I am so bummed about it. My husband has a bunch of computers but they all run on Ubuntu and I'm not liking it. The mouse is too sensitive so I can't control what I want to do with it. I can't open my Mac files and my whole life is on that computer and I'm so frustrated. Steve is on it, but I wish it were faster and easier to fix. Big sad face!

But on to other topics. So I went for a training run today for with my BRF and I think it went okay. I ran an easy 8:11 pace, and realized it's only 3 weeks to my race. I'm excited to run my first race of 2012, but I'm also a bit nervous because I've done some math (with Cecilia) and I've found out that in order to run my half marathon in 2:22:22 I need to run a 6:44 pace and my best run outside so far was only 7:44 which means I have a long way to go in order to do this. A lot of my treadmill runs (especially my speed and tempo runs) are in the 6:5X range, and my treadmill easy runs are around the 7:15 mark. So while I'm hopeful I'm going to go into my race and aim for 3 goals.

1/ Finish in the half-marathon goal 6:44 pace
2/ Finish in the marathon goal 7:05 pace
3/ Finish in under 1:40 and not hurt myself (weather depending this may be all I manage)

So now I have to figure out if it's even possible for me to manage to run up to the 6:44 pace for my half marathon. I plan to do my best at the race in 3 weeks and look over my results there to see if I can get my speed up in time (12 weeks from that point) for the Waterloo half. For now I have to focus on getting my 8-12km runs in, which means running a lot in the morning when I can put more time in it.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thinning Thursday.

So I had a long, long, long week with my hubby gone. Mostly it went well and I know that if he has to go away again it won't be a problem for us (especially if I don't have boot camp two days a week in addition to my daughter's gymnastics class) and we'll have a fun time. I feel happy that I managed to do so well this week. Woot!

So I have managed to drop 1lbs and get down to 168.2lbs. I was a little worried with how much I stalled at the end of 2011 but so far this year has been going really well!And I just noticed that I'm half way to my goal! 23.3lbs gone and 23.2 to go!

Enjoy a cute baby below!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mid-week updates.

I just want to state for the record that I could have made an alliteration for the title here but I didn't! I figured you're all sick of those by now. So I have a few things to update and discuss.

First off I had a kick ass speed run on Monday despite my hubby being gone and having to do the run at 8pm at night. So woot go me, little bit of praise there! Not to mention the fact that I got over my fear of running in our basement. What I did was not do laundry, turn off the lights around the birds so they went to sleep and were quiet and watched a funny TV show while I ran to drown out the sounds. I also had both baby monitors on the table near the treadmill so I could hear my girls if needed, and it all worked. I felt amazing after I finished, especially because I didn't know if I could run that long without getting scared again.

Boot camp is going well. Tuesday's class was fun, though they were doing work in our normal room so we had to go to another run, which happened to be very hot. That part wasn't fun, but the workout was great. I also admitted to the instructor that I wouldn't be doing the DVDs because I'm not allowed to. She asked me why not, because she was worried I was hurt, but I explained that my running coach says no because of my running. I told her how I'm trying to get a PR in my half in April and then move on to marathon training for the Toronto waterfront. She said that's great, and said the same thing Cecilia did, which is that doing running all the time (4 days a week) with boot camp as cross training is great. She did say if I want to do one of the workouts I should focus on the glutes one because she's seen a lot of runners who get knee issues because their glutes weaken as their legs strengthen. She has a degree in sports medicine or something like that so I figure on weeks were I am resting from running or days that I can't run far, it'll be an extra little addition to my workout.

Lillian resting in her nicely cleaned car seat.
I've also had a lot of baby fun this week. On Monday my girlfriends and I had a baby playdate! We had a great time, though I could have done without Lillian getting car sick. Now one of my friends is gone in February so the playdate will be short 1 mama and a few babies, but that's okay. My friend Alyson and I are planning a visit to someplace with our kidlets, and that should be a blast. I also babysat for a friend for a few hours on Tuesday, so we had three babies (7, 15 and 27 months old) in this house. CRAZY!! 

Katrina looks like she needs a hot tub.
So now I have another boot camp on Thursday to look forward to, and hopefully some sort of run on Wednesday during the day, though I haven't decided yet whether it will be inside on the treadmill or outside in the stroller. I guess the weather will be the deciding factor.