Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feeling bummed.

First of all, FYI, my mac is DEAD and I am so bummed about it. My husband has a bunch of computers but they all run on Ubuntu and I'm not liking it. The mouse is too sensitive so I can't control what I want to do with it. I can't open my Mac files and my whole life is on that computer and I'm so frustrated. Steve is on it, but I wish it were faster and easier to fix. Big sad face!

But on to other topics. So I went for a training run today for with my BRF and I think it went okay. I ran an easy 8:11 pace, and realized it's only 3 weeks to my race. I'm excited to run my first race of 2012, but I'm also a bit nervous because I've done some math (with Cecilia) and I've found out that in order to run my half marathon in 2:22:22 I need to run a 6:44 pace and my best run outside so far was only 7:44 which means I have a long way to go in order to do this. A lot of my treadmill runs (especially my speed and tempo runs) are in the 6:5X range, and my treadmill easy runs are around the 7:15 mark. So while I'm hopeful I'm going to go into my race and aim for 3 goals.

1/ Finish in the half-marathon goal 6:44 pace
2/ Finish in the marathon goal 7:05 pace
3/ Finish in under 1:40 and not hurt myself (weather depending this may be all I manage)

So now I have to figure out if it's even possible for me to manage to run up to the 6:44 pace for my half marathon. I plan to do my best at the race in 3 weeks and look over my results there to see if I can get my speed up in time (12 weeks from that point) for the Waterloo half. For now I have to focus on getting my 8-12km runs in, which means running a lot in the morning when I can put more time in it.

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