Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Failures.

Sorry about the posting glitches this morning with my unfinished Friday favourites. Never got around to finishing them as it's been a very busy week. I hope to have some new Friday favourites at the middle or end of February. For now you get to hear about my sad little run today.

So to summarise, I'm just really bummed today. I planned a great run. My husband took the day off of work today so it was ideal! It should have been great and everything I dreamed of but instead everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, was against me!

So to start off with I have a cold. I've had it since Monday, and it isn't normally an issue but outside it literally took my breathe away from coughing. My husband's family day off turned into a my friend from out of town wants to go out for lunch. Fine, I shift my afternoon run to the morning which means running 14 hours after boot camp instead of 18, but I can overcome that. Next, I oversleep (baby woke up at 6am to be fed and I planned to stay up but instead I fell asleep again - ops). But that means I didn't have enough wake/bathroom time before my run. I also woke up to snow on the ground and it was still snowing! So those 1-2 inches of snow really hides ice. Not to mention the 33 or 43km per hour wind gusts.

All in all, I planned  to try to test my race pace for as long as I could and with my chest cold and the wind I didn't even make it to race pace, let alone hold it. So now I feel like a big fat failure. I wanted to test my body's ability to handle the necessary 6:44 pace and I couldn't even hit the pace. My best was barely a 6:59 I know the conditions were not ideal and my cold is really something that I should have taken into account when I made my run plan, but I didn't and not having met my goals makes me feel like I big LOSER!

So in the end, I did the best I could with my run and I know that. I cut the 12k down to an 8k. After the pathetic pace up until 5k I just stopped looking at my garmin, tied it to my water belt and just ran the best I could until I got home. I figure under the circumstances I did great but I'm still bummed. I hate runs like this where I come home feeling like a failure. They make me question why I even bother running when I have nothing to show for it. The logical side of me knows it all takes time and conditions of each run play a huge factor but my emotional side doesn't care.

And just to prove what a bad week I'm having I just managed to fall off the couch while blogging this because in an attempt to stand up and get my coffee I caught my foot on a baby toy and slid out causing me to crash into the table I keep my water on. Alexander said it best with his "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!"

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