Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Half-Marathon Training - Part 1

Below you can see my chart for what I've accomplished in the first third of my half-marathon training.

When I started out training this time I had a total of 6 months (exactly 26 weeks) to prepare for the Waterloo Half, while in 2010 when I first began I only had 4 months to train, and I was a beginner who had never run a race before. This time around I not only have 2 half-marathons under my belt, but improved my time by 18 minutes, and have a wonderful marathon coach who's done whole bunch of races on her own.

To date, I'm made some major improvements in my running. My tempo runs started at 3.5 miles and have gone up to 5 miles now, where I run at 5.5mph and am starting to feel comfortable at this pace. My speed runs started at 4.4 miles and have built myself up to 5.5 miles. I moved up from 3 sets to 5 and am up to 6.0mph. When I started running I could barely do 2 minutes of 6.0 and now I can do 5 minutes (or 0.5 miles) of 6.0 and do multiple sets of it. Another great change is that I'm starting to move up to 5.3mph as my forever pace from 5.2mph.

I'm also learning to enjoy rest days and rest weeks more. When I was training after Lillian I didn't like taking rest days and rest weeks did not exist for me. I felt that they slowed down my weight loss, but now I know they only put me at risk for injury and I'm very lucky that I didn't hurt myself. I started doing rest weeks between my Waterloo half and Run for the Grapes in September and I think they made a huge difference. Even now, mentally it is a challenge to remind myself that my body requires rest to recover from my runs and build up muscle strength. Finding time for rest days isn't hard since there is usually at least 1 day every week were the girls just do not cooperate for me, or Katrina was up at night a lot and I just don't have the strength. But the weeks that I rest result in me feeling amazing and running amazing the following week.

I feel great knowing that I'm doing this well and am only 1/3 of my way through training. In part 2 of this blog I'll write about my plans for the rest of my training.


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