Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Summary

After everything I went through in December, I have to say that January was a BIG improvement!

I started the month at 171.4lbs and ended it at 167.8lbs which means I only lost 3.6lbs! Having stalled at the end of last year  I am thrilled with that loss, and even more thrilled to be back in the 160's! January was a very busy time in our house, with Steve going to Sweden on business, and myself starting boot camp but we survived it and I did so lighter than the beginning!

As for running this month things went well. I run 122.28km over the course of the month. It should have been more, but considering my husband was on an international business trip for 8 days and I caught a horrible cold (which I still have) the last week of the month, I'm going to call my totals AWESOME! The breakdown is that I ran an average of 3.95km or 29:46 minutes a day. The monthly speed is lower than December's but I did more windy day runs this month than the last. I have been trying to prepare for the February refridgeeightor race in a few weeks, plus the days I ran while sick were quite a bit slower than average.

I also ran less because I had boot camp two days a week in January, and they have been making me feel great. Not as much pain as I expected, but I feel good about it and I got a DVD out of it that I can do after boot camp ends.

I'm looking forward to February and what it brings.
Katrina says to get a jump start on February!

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