Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Lost run.

My RBF said something that really resounded with me a few weeks ago. She told me about how if she misses a run due to bad timing, a cold, work, etc.. that she lets it go and it becomes a lost run. The idea of not making up the run or the distance seems so foreign to me. I who pushes myself as far as my body will take me, can't contemplate not making up missed distance, but this month I'm going to do just that. I couldn't run yesterday because of the fear, and since Sunday is my rest day and tomorrow will be my speed work, I figured that I will accept the loss of yesterday's run instead of trying to push myself into running today and then do my speed work tomorrow.

The last few times I said I would do this I actually ended up running despite saying I wouldn't. So hopefully I will actually manage to NOT run. Here are some photos of what has been keeping me busy from running.

Trying to become mobile.
Baking cupcakes for her friends.

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