Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mid-week updates.

I just want to state for the record that I could have made an alliteration for the title here but I didn't! I figured you're all sick of those by now. So I have a few things to update and discuss.

First off I had a kick ass speed run on Monday despite my hubby being gone and having to do the run at 8pm at night. So woot go me, little bit of praise there! Not to mention the fact that I got over my fear of running in our basement. What I did was not do laundry, turn off the lights around the birds so they went to sleep and were quiet and watched a funny TV show while I ran to drown out the sounds. I also had both baby monitors on the table near the treadmill so I could hear my girls if needed, and it all worked. I felt amazing after I finished, especially because I didn't know if I could run that long without getting scared again.

Boot camp is going well. Tuesday's class was fun, though they were doing work in our normal room so we had to go to another run, which happened to be very hot. That part wasn't fun, but the workout was great. I also admitted to the instructor that I wouldn't be doing the DVDs because I'm not allowed to. She asked me why not, because she was worried I was hurt, but I explained that my running coach says no because of my running. I told her how I'm trying to get a PR in my half in April and then move on to marathon training for the Toronto waterfront. She said that's great, and said the same thing Cecilia did, which is that doing running all the time (4 days a week) with boot camp as cross training is great. She did say if I want to do one of the workouts I should focus on the glutes one because she's seen a lot of runners who get knee issues because their glutes weaken as their legs strengthen. She has a degree in sports medicine or something like that so I figure on weeks were I am resting from running or days that I can't run far, it'll be an extra little addition to my workout.

Lillian resting in her nicely cleaned car seat.
I've also had a lot of baby fun this week. On Monday my girlfriends and I had a baby playdate! We had a great time, though I could have done without Lillian getting car sick. Now one of my friends is gone in February so the playdate will be short 1 mama and a few babies, but that's okay. My friend Alyson and I are planning a visit to someplace with our kidlets, and that should be a blast. I also babysat for a friend for a few hours on Tuesday, so we had three babies (7, 15 and 27 months old) in this house. CRAZY!! 

Katrina looks like she needs a hot tub.
So now I have another boot camp on Thursday to look forward to, and hopefully some sort of run on Wednesday during the day, though I haven't decided yet whether it will be inside on the treadmill or outside in the stroller. I guess the weather will be the deciding factor.

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