Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A post boot camp run.

So last night was my first boot camp and it was great. My daughters had a BLAST with our new sitter (she is such a great girl and I'm thankful to have found her) and were both so pooped that they were out like lights as soon as their heads hit the pillow! Boot camp was awesome and I have a feeling it's REALLY going to be challenging which is exactly what I wanted. The place I'm feeling it the most today is my abs and arms. I knew my arm strength wasn't great but having two babies in two years will really do a number on your core. So I'm thankful to be able to take this class and am planning on making the most of it. Though, they gave us homework of sorts. We were given a DVD with workouts on it, and a schedule of how to follow it during the week while we aren't at boot camp. But I am using boot camp as a cross training exercise so I am not sure whether to push myself with the workouts or focus on getting my kms in. I am seeing my BRF tonight so I will talk to her and find out her opinion. I want to make sure I get my training distance in, but I also want to get the most out of the boot camp, and I really don't know which one is more important.

One cool thing is that I managed to get a run in today. I was worried I would be too sore today to run, but I could. I was hoping that my running muscles would be okay after boot camp, and while I hurt everywhere a little bit today, the only motion that doesn't hurt at all is the walking/running one. So my leg muscles are nice and strong so I could boot it today and not feel like I was going to die. The only annoying part was that Katrina was NOT happy about being in the stroller and cried for quite a while in the beginning. between 1.2 and 2km she just cried almost non stop. It was very hard to listen to. But then just past the half way mark she fell asleep and I was spared the screaming. I just wish that she would sleep more in the stroller so I could run further. Maybe next run day.

My run today was awesome! I ran 5.18km in 43:02 which is a 8:18 pace. The last time I did this run was January 5th, and I went 5.2km in 45:02 which is a 8:40 pace. That means I knocked 2 whole minutes off my run, and this time I had to fully stop twice to check on Katrina. I know that I'll be getting a lot of new personal bests in my usual routes over the next several months but it still feels awesome, especially on one with a stroller filled with over 40lbs of cuteness!

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