Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thinning Thursday - Scale Wars

Once again after a super annoying December I have succeeded in smacking that scale back into place. I weighed in on Tuesday, while Steve was home in order to do it as a couple like we do every week. So I weighed in and I liked what I saw! The scale was down to 169.2lbs which puts me down a whole pound! Go me, go me!
Cutie pie!
I feel that eating healthy, whole foods and really tracking has helped me with this! I even had a rest week last week for running and still lost weight so I know I can do it without killing myself on my runs. I'm feeling very thankful today to have Cecilia. I know everyone is different about how they handle their workouts and weight loss journeys and I have to say since having children I've become really hardcore about it all. I'm one of those crazy people who has NO problem pushing herself. Honestly, I have thrown up during a run (and kept going), fell off my treadmill (and kept going), gotten burs stuck to my underwear from peeing in a bush (and kept going). I can push myself until I can not physically handle anymore, which I don't think everyone can do, but it isn't always a good thing. People who can push themselves this hard don't seem to understand the concept of rest. There are days where I get up at 6am with my kids and I literally am on my feet until bed at 10pm (other than nursing). I cook, clean, play with my kids, run errands, do dishes, run, etc...

Seriously, cutest baby ever.
That's where Cecilia comes in. She is my little Jiminy Cricket telling me when I need to rest and how to handle everything I want to do. I know, I should rest but find it really hard to do. For example my boot camp gives you a DVD to do at home and tells you which to do on what day, etc... and I couldn't figure out how to divide my time or to just add them to my miles. Cecilia reminds me that I still need 1 day of no workouts a week to recover from everything and that my boot camp is my cross training, so I shouldn't sacrifice my distance to add little DVD workouts in. Sadly she also told me that I shouldn't run a lot AND do boot camp in the same day, though a few kms for a warm up or cool down before or after is allowed, so once Steve is back I plan to try to do that. So my goal is to run 4 days a week, boot camp 2 days a week and rest on the final day of the week.

So thank you Cecilia for reminding me to take it easy every once and a while, because without you and my 2nd pregnancy I'm pretty sure I would be burned out or seriously messed something up by now! I'm truly blessed to have such a great friend watching my back!

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