Monday, January 9, 2012

Tired but happy.

Okay, so I feel so tired today, but that would be because I ran a 5.5 mile tempo run. I really booted it on the run so I feel awesome about the accomplishment but SOOOO tired. I am so thankful for the fact that I managed to get both my babies down to nap at the same time. I waited until Lillian's nap time of 2:30 and got Katrina to go down at the same time. I managed to get dressed, run and heard the baby wake up while I was recording my information on the laptop. I got to rush a quick shower and then went to get my sweet little lady. I hate to leave her fussing in her crib but I know that she's safe and can't get into any trouble! But considering that I've been up since 6am today and had to grab Lillian out of bed to go pick up my veggies at 5pm it's been a LONG day.

Tomorrow my hubby leaves for Sweden which means I'll be alone with my girls from Tuesday afternoon until next Wednesday evening. I'm quite terrified about it, but I know we'll be good. No matter what happens I got my tempo run in this week so I'm awesome.

Everyone says she looks like me, but this photo makes me wonder.

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