Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Training Tuesday - week 10 of 25

I'm starting a new feature on my blog, and yes it has another alliteration. (Remember people, I have an English writing degree!) I've taken inspiration from my BRF's blog and am going to start writing a summary every Tuesday of my half-marathon training from the week before. Then once I've run my half in April I get two weeks off before we ramp up the training for the full marathon, so I've have lots to write about over the next 10 months. So here is the first edition, I hope you like it.

This week was a rest week for me. That means I ran 20-30km instead of 30-45km and I don't do speed work, tempo runs or anything larger than 12km. I took an extra rest day this week since I am starting my boot camp next week, and I did 45km in week 9 which is the third highest km run since Katrina was born.

Safety baby to the rescue!
The runs were not the greatest at the start of the week. The first day my kids wouldn't cooperate so I did a 2.3 mile run a then a 5k in the evening after Steve got home. That's also, the day I fell on the treadmill. Not exactly a great start. The 5.2km run outside was a huge achievement though, since it proved to me that I can run with my girls in the stroller together. By Saturday I felt like my normal self again and the 10k treadmill run was my normal running with only a few hopes off the treadmill, and a lot of happy thoughts as I went.

Next week I have great temp run planned, though the rest of my runs will be hit and miss since my husband is away on business and I'm single mom from Tuesday to the following Wednesday.

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