Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Training Tuesday - week 12 of 25

Below is this past week's training schedule.

My Monday speed run went really well and I felt like I might  be sick during the last set, which I think is a good thing. I feel I should be pushing myself well beyond my usual comfort zone and these runs are really bringing that out, so I'm happy with how well it went.I also notice that my recovery time is much better and that I'm not struggling as much as I did before to catch my breathe on a mini break which makes me feel very proud. My easy runs were done in small parts and I'm not too happy that most of my runs are ending up at 5k or less because of the girls' sleep schedule. I have a plan for next week to increase my distances and it involves using my morning person, personality to my advantage. We'll see how that goes.

Jan 16 – 22
Week 12 of 25
01/16/12 9.98km Speed run - 1 mile @ 5.2mph, 6 sets of 0.5/0.2 mile @ 6.0/4.6mph, 1 mile @ 5.2
01/17/12 XT Week 12 of 25
01/18/12 8.37km Easy treadmill run in 2 parts
01/19/12 XT Booty camp
01/20/12 4.99km Easy treadmill run
01/21/12 12.82km Refridgerator training run
01/22/12 Rest Day
Total 36 km YTD: 97 km

My cross training is still a lot of fun. This week it brought on a bit of pain in my left calf but I took that as a sign that I was working hard, and I could still run with it, so that was a good thing. It did take about three days for the pain to go away but that's part of boot camp. I expect muscles that don't get used too much in running to hurt a bit during these work outs, and if nothing does, then why am I paying for it?

My long run with Cecilia went very well. It was an easy pace where we ran 5 minutes and walked 1 minute and chatted the whole time, so I really enjoyed myself and like to think she did too. Afterwards we went back to her place for pancakes and lattes. A very good way to start my weekend. I learned a few things on this run. First of all, I am not worried about running my Refridgee-Eighter race in less than three weeks since we did the route, and even with snow it's not too bad and the only hill is a mini-hill compared to the ones I usually run out here. Also, I know my yaks are doing their job and will keep me safe on this run. I also, figured out I need to make a reservation for brunch with Cecilia (if she wishes) and my hubby and girls after my race because goodness I was hungry and what better way to celebrate completing it than with brunch, or lunch depending on what time the race begins!

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