Monday, January 23, 2012


So Steve took my beloved Mac to the apple store today and they have ordered us a new hard drive. When they tried to turn it on in store, the computer told them it didn't have the hard drive. So very easy to see why that might be an issue. Hurray for apple care protection. Sadly it may take 1-5 days for it to be repaired. I miss my Mac but am happy to know that it will be home sooner rather than later. When our old Dell broke we had to mail it to them and it took 3 weeks to fix, so less than 1 week is fine by me. So sorry that I blog less right now, but I hate using my husband's Ubuntu laptops and the big computer is in the office and only available when he's not home, and honestly he bought this fancy keyboard from Germany and it's really loud when you type and it bugs the crap out of me. So until my Mac is home I probably won't be writing every day but I'll make up for it once it's back. Promise!

We had a really busy weekend with running, and theatre stuff but that's okay. I usually hate being really busy but now that Steve is back from Sweden being busy doesn't feel nearly as bad as when he was gone, because I was so crazy busy trying to get everything done while he wasn't here. This week alone, we have my two boot camps nights, Steve's two computer/entrepreneurial events, play stuff on the weekend ... It's just CRAZY! Then next week is show week but luckily it's also my rest week so we can manage that well. I want Steve to be happy so I'm trying to get him out into more events so if he decides to switch careers he'll have the connections that he can.

 In the world of Alice's running, I did my first really early am run today, and I survived it. I did my tempo run after feeding the baby, who woke up at 5:40am. So after she was changed and ate, I grabbed a half piece of peanut butter toast and hit the treadmill at 6:25am. I did my run, and it was over 9k in 61 minutes which is great. I'm hoping this will allow me to get longer runs in without worrying about whether or not the girls will nap for me. A few things I'll do differently next time. I'll boil the water for Steve's coffee in case the babies wake up (today I got upstairs at 7:30am and everyone was sound asleep still). I'll put my nuun drink in a water bottle on the treadmill so I don't have to step off to get it. I'll give myself a small slow warm up period (though that can't happen with tempo/speed runs) because that first mile SUCKED!!! But I have to say I'm pleased with how the run went and look forward to doing it again on Wednesday. We'll see how it goes after my evening boot camp the night before!

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