Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wipe out.

So today I had my first treadmill fall.

I planned to run outside but with 41km/hr winds I couldn't risk the girls in the stroller, as it becomes a giant sail when the cover is up. So I had to run inside. I'd prefer not to run at night so I tried to run today. It was such a disaster!

First I put Katrina down for a nap. Then I had to set up the treadmill in the new location where I am able to view Lillian while I run. So that was the first part. I got Lillian settled in front of Treehouse with her toy trains, and started to run. Less than 2 minutes in  Katrina cried and I had to go get her. So I stopped the machine, got Lillian away from her toys (not an easy task) and went upstairs only to find Katrina still asleep. So I went back down with Lillian, got her set up to play AGAIN, got on the treadmill AGAIN, and started to run. After a while I wanted to check on Lillian, she was fine, but when I went to get back on the treadmill I miss-stepped and I fell on the belt. I tried to get back up but it was moving and if I let go it was result in me hitting the belt. I was getting rug burns on both knees and couldn't get up so I just let go on the side. Lucky for me I moved the treadmill and knew the only thing behind it was 2 metres space and huge bin of sewing fabric. After all that, I kept running because honestly if I were in a race and it happened I would have to keep going, so I did. But after 24 minutes Katrina woke up again, and that was the end of my run.

So I banged both knees, and my right elbow, have rug burn, and didn't even manage to get my stupid run in. So I guess I'm going to have to start getting up early so I can get my runs in before Steve leaves for work. I'm not going to like it but I should get used to it, and if I want to run later in the day, I'll have to run outside. I may need to start running outside when it's more windy.

Sorry to be a bit of a bummer today but I'm disappointed in my whole running predicament and with my hubby going on a trip next week it doesn't make me confident in getting my runs in.


  1. oh ouch!!! A funny visual though. So hard to fit in our runs sometimes. Especially days like this. :)

  2. Awww Alice, that sucks! It is truly inspiring though that you are finding the time to run with two babies! It makes all of my excuses seem pretty lame. Keep up the good work!