Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Summary

February has been a good month for me. Scratch that, it has been an AWESOME month for me!

I lost more weight this month than any other month since I started my journey in July. Thank you boot camp! I have to admit that is an amazing feeling. Being down 5.6lbs is a lot and in March we have 5 weigh ins so maybe it will be another good month! A girl can hope right.

I didn't quite hit the distance I wanted to cover, but I did have a few exercise set backs because my hubby had to go away on business, was in a play, and my baby got an ear infection. I managed to run a total of 126.05km in 15 hours and 18 minutes. The breakdown is that I ran 4.5km a day or 31:39 each day. I managed to hit the 30 minutes a day of exercise this month, especially considering that I also did boot camp for 2 hours each week. I'm also really happy about my speed this month. I managed a 8.24km average this month. I have to say I wasn't expecting it to be over 8 so that was a really pleasant surprise.

My goals for March are not too lofty, but I want to attend all 5 of my boot camps that I've signed up for. I want to run over 140km and I want to lose as much weight as I safely can. So here's hoping that I can do it and I'll let you know in another month!

Lillian reminds us to dig deep if we want March to be a success!

Thinning Thursday - wait what?!

Okay, so it isn't technically Thursday yet, but I did WI this morning and I am thinning! As I probably have already mentioned, my husband is away on business in California this week, so today my friend Cecilia is coming over over work, to help me wrangle my children and to have a fun girls movie night. We did this when my hubby was in the play and it was a total BLAST! So that means I had to do my WI this morning. Not that I have to worry about it for tomorrow, since we both eat very healthy. I mean dinner tonight will be a mango, asparagus and shrimp salad, with lemon bars for dessert. But it's the popcorn that will do me in with salt. I make my own with an air popper, so I control the butter, and fat, but I feel it needs a generous helping of salt, and that won't agree with my scale tomorrow. I enjoy having Cecilia over for dinner. Some people influence you to eat unhealthy because that's how they eat, but she eats even more healthily than I do so she influences me to eat better! Yes we enjoy our treats, but we always make them from scratch so we know what's in them and we both believe in moderation!

So tangent over! The results from my WI, were very pleasing. I'm down another 0.4lbs. It may not seem like much when I've been doing 1-2.2lbs the past few weeks, but I'm thrilled. I expected to stay the same after last weeks' huge loss, so to be down even more is amazing in my book! I have to say I enjoyed moving my two little balls from my jar today, not to mention the fact that if I drop another 0.3lbs next week I'll have lost 30lbs total, and in 1.3lbs I'll be 2/3 of the way to goal! I love math!

Tomorrow is also, my last boot camp until the two week quickie I'm doing at the end of March, so I'll be writing about that this weekend, and how awesome my results are from it. In other news we have horrible weather here! It's snowing with lots already on the ground and calling for freezing rain today, so my plan to run outside is NOT happening! If both girls take an afternoon nap I'll do a quick run on my treadmill, otherwise it'll just be a very restful rest week, and I'll have to run on Friday and Saturday this week, which is no big deal. My training chart only had two runs for this week (though I'm not sure why but that's okay) so I can do them both at the end.

Have a happy Thursday ... uh, I mean Wednesday! :)

Lillian helping daddy to shovel on the weekend.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Training Tuesday.

Last week went very well, despite my crazy double boot camp days on two days!

My tempo run was awesome! I had a hard time with the 4 mile tempo stretch but only until I hit the third mile and then I felt like I got my groove going. My easy incline run was just that, a nice easy run where I upped my incline in order to get used to running on less than ideal ground. I will continue to use my little runs to work on my incline. I didn't increase the incline on Saturday because I knew that I would have a hard run on Sunday.

My double boot camps were so hard, but I'm glad that I did them. It means that I will complete all of the boot camp classes and not miss a single one. This pleases me since usually I end up missing one because of babies so it's nice that I avoided that this time around (providing that I make it on Tuesday and Thursday this week).

Finally, my long run felt so great. I went out wanting to run a pace of 7:40-8:00 and hitting a distance of 16-18km total, which I managed to do! I decided to run a different route today since we needed to return a DVD to the library, which is 3km each way so I decided to start my run by returning the book, and from there I headed on a new, unexplored route. As I was running it I enjoyed looking around at the lovely scenery and decided not to track my pace as much as I usually do. I just tucked my watch onto my outside shirt sleeve and enjoyed my run and ran by feel. I felt great, and after 12k stopped by the house to refuel and hit the loo. Then I finished the last 5k of my run and looked at my watch, and guess what? I managed to hit my desired pace range, 7:56! So running by feel worked pretty good for me and it was the distance I wanted!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend fun.

Hey why am I trapped in here?
 We had a wonderful weekend. While we didn't go to the library we had a great time. My BRF came over on Saturday and we made ravioli from scratch, which is always awesome and SUPER yummy! I was surprised that she had never made pasta, since like me, she cooks a lot of food herself. But we did my normal spinach recipe and tried out a new mushroom one from my cookbook. I like both but the spinach has more cheese in it. After dinner I used my frozen cookie dough balls to make everyone fresh cookies. I love having those in my freezer. The hubby spent the afternoon programming and in the morning her shoveled snow and Lillian helped! (I promise photos to come soon) It was too cute. Tomorrow he leaves us again on business but this time he'll be back Friday so that's not as bad.

Oh right, because I lick EVERYTHING!
Today I did my long run for the week, and it felt even better than last week's run. The weather was beautiful and perfect for a long run, and with church in the morning I was able to go whenever I wanted to in the afternoon and my hubby took care of our girls. Then we had a great dinner, where I made way too much food, but at least I have dinner tomorrow now thanks to left overs.

Lots of fun things planned for this week (cooking, baking, walking, library, movie night, boot camp, and the list goes on) while he's gone so I'm hoping the girls will be okay, and that Lillian will keep up her great work on the potty, and that Katrina won't be a fussy baby as soon as he leaves.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Rantings of a Loser

Warning this post is a bit of a rant. My husband says controversy equals readers, but I don't want to offend people. I'm going to share the story of my own struggles after my rant, so either read it all or read nothing. You have been warned!

Lately I've been noticing that, on the weight watchers board, a lot of people seem to be struggling with their weight loss journeys and seem to complain about lacking motivation and being stuck at a plateau for so long. It's gotten to the point where everyday at least one person is complaining about it, and I'm almost at the point where I want to stop going to the boards because I get so frustrated by these posts. Honestly, I'm just sick and tired of all the whining. I know motivation is a very unique thing for each person but seriously people, come on! If you're not losing weight it's because you are not trying hard enough, or you are lying to yourself about how hard you're working out or how good you're eating. I don't want to make anyone feel bad because honestly I've been there!

The amount of work I have to put into my weight loss is crazy, but I do it, week after week after week, with two small children at home! Yes packaged food is easy, but home cooked is healthy, so I buy fresh and cook everything myself, and I do mean everything. Sure the couch is comfy but running makes me fit, so I run, A LOT and now attend boot camp. Yes chocolate, ice cream, cookies, chips, etc.. are super yummy, so I don't buy them and if I do I don't eat the whole bag in one shot. I've got ice cream in the freezer that I've only eaten 2 tbsp out of since I bought it for a dinner party. Yes 2 tbsp went into my coffee on the weekend for a treat. I've just hit the point where I get tired of people whining about how 'hard' they are working and how 'good' they are eating and how it just isn't working. The fact is if you work hard and eat well, you lose weight.
Me at 225lbs in grade 13.

You want to know the sad truth? If the weight isn't coming off, you're not working hard enough! So either suck it up and put the work in or stop whining about it! Now before you all hate me and call me a lot of mean names, I am going to share my story with you. And I don't just mean the story about how I became a fit and fabulous running mama, but rather the one of how I struggled to lose weight my whole life before I had Lillian, starting in high school when I topped the scale at 225lbs (purple dress to the left).

Shortly after I met Steve in 2003 (190-195lbs)
I come from a heavy family, on both sides but was thin until high school. I spent a few summers working away from my mom (who always monitored my weight more closely than anyone) and dealt with a few bad breakups and just watched the weight pile on. By my prom I topped out at 225lbs. I tried Herbal Magic but they didn't work (a scam that starves you in my opinion). In first year I managed to lose and gain the same bit of weight. I signed up at health services to try and learn to eat better, more responsibily but my residence meal plan and lots of late night snacking (which Steve called my 2nd dinner) kept me in the 190's for my first year or two of school.

On my Honeymoon - Nov 2006, 175lbs
By third year of university I joined a gym, was trying WW for the first time (online of course) and walking a lot. While I worked for the summer I did 8:30-11, lunch, 1-5, 6-10 most days and would hit the gym for 30-60 minutes during lunch and then work some more but it didn't do much. I know that sounds crazy but I wasn't in the right mind set. Even while trying to lose weight for my wedding, I wasn't working as hard as I needed to. At that time I would have told you my food was PERFECT and I worked my butt off every day but I can tell you now, working the way I do, that it was all a load of CRAP. I ate processed garbage instead of real fresh fruit. A granola bar was my snack, not an apple or carrot. I walked on the treadmill and did machines that worked 1 muscle group while I sat down. So much for keeping my heart rate up. It took me over a year to just get down to 175 for my wedding and honestly with how pathetic my effort at the time was, I'm amazed I even made it. I hate to admit it but my dress didn't fit me right, and I wish today that I could have been more confident in myself at the time and ordered the correct size and not the one I wanted to be so that I would have looked nicer in my photos, but that is too late. So brides reading this, take that lesson.

Due date with Lillian - 217lbs
After the wedding I yoyo-ed. I would go into the 190s and work hard, get into the mid-170's plateau, and give up. Slowly it would creep up and before I knew it hello 190's again. In August of 2008 we were traveling across the west coast of Canada and on the way home we took the photos off the camera to make room for more and I wanted to cry. I felt fat, and unattractive and hated all the photos of me. It was bad. So I decided there and then that I needed to lose weight so I could have a healthy pregnancy and if we wanted to try in 2009 I needed to do it now. I signed up for WW again and Steve agreed to support me and do it too. I managed to get from the 190's down to 174 when I became pregnant with Lillian. I switched to maintenance for my first trimester and then did my best to eat healthy. On her due date, I tipped the scales at 217lbs. That was a number I could have lived without! But she arrived healthy and safely so it was worth it.

Post Lillian - start of journey 192lbs
After the baby weight stopped coming off in January 2010, I made a choice to get healthy, finally for real. This time something had changed. This time was very different. I almost felt as if there was a switch hit in my brain. I didn't have any excuses, I needed to be healthy for my daughter. I needed to set a good example for her, so she would never feel the pain, the embarrassment or the shame that I did and do about my body. The big motivator was the first hand experience of losing a mother. While I was 5 months pregnant with Lillian, my mother-in-law passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. She wasn't healthy for a while, but that didn't lesson the pain of losing her. I saw what that did to my husband and I never want my daughters to fell that pain, especially at the young age of 30 like my husband. I took it very seriously and changed my whole life around, and surprise it worked.

Thinnest before Katrina - 148lbs
To the left is a photo taken the week after I suspect I became pregnant with Katrina and just was unaware of it. This is what I will be again once I'm done my weight loss this time around. I find a lot of people struggling to get healthy, to find the time, to lose the weight, to put the work in, and the fact is that if it matters to you, you will do it. Everyone seems to find time to watch their favourite TV show, the only difference is I do it on the treadmill in my basement. I listen to my music on my runs. I also make sure that I don't fall into the mistake of underestimating my food. I weigh things, to make sure it's accurate (I can get 28g of cheese exactly 75% of the time) and I underestimate my activity. I think that is something a lot of people get wrong. I know when I was working out I would have sworn it was maximum effort, but in reality it was minimal. That and calorie information on machines is NOT ACCURATE! Lies all of it! Now my maximum effort is my speed and tempo runs, ONLY, the rest of my runs are extreme in the sense that I do 2+ hour long runs, but that pushes my body in other ways. When I track them, I call it walking, not running. That way I will never fall into the trap of thinking I burned 1000 calories, and eating 600 so I'll be safe, but actually only burning 450. Do the math, that will build up over time.

I have had bad days, and frustrated moments on this journey, but my motivation has stayed strong. I need to do this for my family, regardless of how difficult it is and how unpleasant it can be at times. There are a lot of things about losing weight successfully that really suck and no one talks about but here are a few I really hate but deal with so that I can be healthy.
  1. Fresh fruit and veggies give you SERIOUSLY BAD gas (sorry sweetie). 
  2. I poop far more than I ever thought was humanly possible thanks to my over dose of daily fibre.
  3. I spend a lot of time (2-3 hours) in my kitchen, prepping, cooking and cleaning up from the other two. Some days I feel that if I didn't have an open concept main floor I would never see my kids.
  4. I don't like running early in the morning, but guess what I have to start doing, once boot camp is over now that Lillian has decided naps are not really her thing anymore.
  5. Running in cold or heat is crappy.
  6. Running far away from home and needing the um, loo is both embarrassing and dangerous - I'm allergic to poison ivy really badly but so far haven't had a problem.
  7. I am very paranoid about what I eat - I can't and won't eat anything without knowing the points first and will avoid these unknown foods.
  8. I will say no to an invite or event if I don't think the food is going to be what I consider appropriate for me or the whole event is about stuffing your face. I just don't feel the need to put myself in those positions.
  9. I have not had a piece of clothing fit properly since 2008.
  10. I get cranky when I don't lose what I want to just like everyone else.
My recent hot me photo - 165lbs
So now I spend an average of 4 hours a week running and 2 hours at boot camp. Once boot camp ends it'll become 6 hours a week running, and after I hit marathon training that will go up by a lot I suspect. In addition to that, I spend at least 12 hours preparing and cooking from scratch food, everything from soup to bread to pasta to baby food for Katrina. And while many of you laugh and say wait till I go back to work, I did it all while I was at work and pregnant with Katrina. It won't change. I adjust my hours so I can cook dinner at home every night and my daycare is on the other side of my office parking lot. I am a planner and will adjust things in my life to make things better for my kids. I put the work in because my health is important to me. It's easy to spout excuses and claim it's too hard with little kids, or that you don't have the time or that you're too tired at the end of the day, but if you really want it then you will make it a priority.

So next time you find yourself wondering why the weight isn't coming off take a long, hard look around. If your house is full of junk and you're sitting on the couch covered in cookie crumbs, you know why your pants don't fit. But if you are eating healthy, and exercising look closer at the numbers. Weight loss is all about more calories burned than eaten, and if you're not losing the math is not adding up, so either you are eating more than you think or exercising less than you think or both.

Good luck to everyone on their journey, and please don't hate me for what I said, I just needed to express my frustration and this is how I do that.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thinning Thursday.

Oh my goodness! I lost 2.2lbs this week! Seriously, 2.2 freaking lbs! I have to say it again, hard work pays off! This week I have a feeling that my double boot camp on Tuesday combined with my 28kms run in 48 hours. I also stayed on my points and used up all my extra weekly points except for 9. I earned a crazy amount of activity points too. For my weakened way of tracking them, there were 29, but if I'd accurately tracked my bootcamp and jogging, it would be 55 just for jogging, so that is quite the difference.

Having some winter fun with the girls.
I have to admit that I'm still kinda in shock. I started my journey in July and have not had a loss this large since then, and considering I spent 6 weeks not losing this is major for me. I'm proud and plan to keep working hard this week. I've got my boot camp double up again tonight and on the weekend I hope to run 20-30km total since next week is a rest week for me, and Steve will be away on business. I am not expecting a loss next week anywhere near this one, but I'm going to enjoy this week's and be happy about it.

Lillian with her snowgirl.

Even though I almost forgot about them, I have to say that moving my 11 beads out of my jar felt sooo good! I had 100 in there to start and already 14 are in the Lost jar!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Double Breakfast, Double Bootcamp, Double Latte.

Mmmmm pancake!
So guess which one of these three things I did NOT partake in today? Hmm? Can't guess, well the answer is...
The double latte! I had a mocha but not a double. Okay enough silly talk. I have lots to blog about today!

Mmmm maple syrup!
So as I mentioned before tonight was my double boot camp and while I survived it I have a feeling that I am going to seriously be hurting tomorrow! Why is that? Well it's only been 1 hour since class ended and I'm already getting stiff and sore in certain areas. I hope my girls don't want to be picked up tomorrow! But one great thing is that I got 120 minutes of exercise in today. That's almost as much as on Saturday when I did my super long run. Go me! I'm seriously considering doubling my boot camp on Thursday as well. Now I know that might sound just completely insane, but I missed two classes (one for Steve's play and last week with Katrina's fever) and I only have until next Thursday to make them up. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, especially with it being a rest week and all, but Steve will be away on business next week and I don't want to leave my kids with a sitter for that long. So it's kinda Thursday or never. The plan (if my body lives up to it) is double boot camp Tuesday (check), 5k easy run Wednesday, double boot camp Thursday, rest Friday, long run Saturday or Sunday, medium run the other day.

You may notice Lillian has no pants!
Now I thought I'd give you a quick mommy update and let you know how great Lillian's potty training is going. Today she did not go on the floor once! Twice, she was distracted and started to pee in her pants but jumped up and ran to the potty so we count those as successes even though we had to change her pants. In my book if I don't have to clean the floor it's a win! She even managed to do a #2 in the potty which is great since a lot of kids have issues with that. So tonight I am a very proud mama but am also a little nervous about how she'll do tomorrow when daddy is gone and it's just her and mommy and Katrina. I have faith she'll do great, but will be prepared with the cleaning solution bottle and a large towel rag.

Finally, we are Catholic in this house so today being the day before Ash Wednesday we had two breakfasts. We ate eggs in the morning and pancakes for lunch! As you can see above my girls LOVED the pancakes, and so did Steve and I. Mmmm blueberry pancakes with banana and maple syrup. So we enjoyed our double breakfast today and have figured out what we will be doing for Lent this year. I have a few things I'm personally going to try to do and a one big one that the family will be doing. So I'm hopeful that I'll manage to get them all done this year. I've had years where I managed to do most of them and others where I forget and they fall aside faster than a new year's resolution! So this year I'm home, and I am really hoping that I remember them, especially the family one, and try to find some time to focus on my relationship with God. Maybe I should stop listening to hip hop while I run and try to use that time to think.

So to help me keep them straight here are my Lent Goals and my Family's Lent goals:
  • No chocolate.
  • No pop
  • No meat on Fridays. (family)
  • Read the New Testament.
  • No Facebook while the girls are awake (so 6:30am-ish until 8pm).

Training Tuesday - Week 16

While my training this week went pretty well following last weekend's race, there was a lot of crazy changes that happened to. Needless to say, this was not an average week.

Monday was obviously a necessary rest day following my Re-Fridgee-Eighter race on Sunday. Tuesday, I was so crazy ready to run again that I did a little incline run in the afternoon followed by my awesome boot camp that night. My speed run was Wednesday this week so I could rest up from the race, and it was a little different this time since I had to run a full mile at 6.0mph! I thought I would puke, but I didn't and I pushed myself really hard this week to do that, so I am feeling mighty proud of that.

Thursday, I was all set to go to boot camp, but late in the afternoon I noticed Katrina was feeling a bit warm. This isn't unusual after her nap so I didn't think much of it. That and I was babysitting a friends 16 month old so with 3 kids under 30 months I had my hands full. But by 4pm she still felt really hot to me so I took her temperature and sure enough, fever baby. At 5 I made the choice to not go to boot camp and called my hubby to come home as soon as he could. The baby was rather fussy and inconsolable. Friday was a blur between a baby who couldn't be put down, no sleep Thursday night because she wouldn't sleep and running to the doctor late in the day. The ultimate result, Katrina has an ear infection and is now loaded up on Advil and doing much better. Once she was asleep on Friday I could get an easy run in and really enjoyed my run. I could have gone much further, thanks to the stress of the day, but figured I should save my energy for my long run.

I had planned to run in the early morning on Saturday. I had a plan for if the baby didn't sleep, a plan for if she did, and a plan for if I missed my alarm. What I hadn't planned for, was the 2 inches of fresh snow waiting for me when I woke up, and my yaks being broken. Ops! So I hit our treadmill and watched a DVD while I ran. It was nice to hide out from the crazy loud stress upstairs and I love my husband for giving me those 2 hours to just run. I paid him back in programming time and put our toddler to bed for him that night. Marriage is about compromise and helping each other out. 

So now I have to worry about my double boot camp next week because of missing the one with the sick baby. Eeek!