Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Double Breakfast, Double Bootcamp, Double Latte.

Mmmmm pancake!
So guess which one of these three things I did NOT partake in today? Hmm? Can't guess, well the answer is...
The double latte! I had a mocha but not a double. Okay enough silly talk. I have lots to blog about today!

Mmmm maple syrup!
So as I mentioned before tonight was my double boot camp and while I survived it I have a feeling that I am going to seriously be hurting tomorrow! Why is that? Well it's only been 1 hour since class ended and I'm already getting stiff and sore in certain areas. I hope my girls don't want to be picked up tomorrow! But one great thing is that I got 120 minutes of exercise in today. That's almost as much as on Saturday when I did my super long run. Go me! I'm seriously considering doubling my boot camp on Thursday as well. Now I know that might sound just completely insane, but I missed two classes (one for Steve's play and last week with Katrina's fever) and I only have until next Thursday to make them up. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, especially with it being a rest week and all, but Steve will be away on business next week and I don't want to leave my kids with a sitter for that long. So it's kinda Thursday or never. The plan (if my body lives up to it) is double boot camp Tuesday (check), 5k easy run Wednesday, double boot camp Thursday, rest Friday, long run Saturday or Sunday, medium run the other day.

You may notice Lillian has no pants!
Now I thought I'd give you a quick mommy update and let you know how great Lillian's potty training is going. Today she did not go on the floor once! Twice, she was distracted and started to pee in her pants but jumped up and ran to the potty so we count those as successes even though we had to change her pants. In my book if I don't have to clean the floor it's a win! She even managed to do a #2 in the potty which is great since a lot of kids have issues with that. So tonight I am a very proud mama but am also a little nervous about how she'll do tomorrow when daddy is gone and it's just her and mommy and Katrina. I have faith she'll do great, but will be prepared with the cleaning solution bottle and a large towel rag.

Finally, we are Catholic in this house so today being the day before Ash Wednesday we had two breakfasts. We ate eggs in the morning and pancakes for lunch! As you can see above my girls LOVED the pancakes, and so did Steve and I. Mmmm blueberry pancakes with banana and maple syrup. So we enjoyed our double breakfast today and have figured out what we will be doing for Lent this year. I have a few things I'm personally going to try to do and a one big one that the family will be doing. So I'm hopeful that I'll manage to get them all done this year. I've had years where I managed to do most of them and others where I forget and they fall aside faster than a new year's resolution! So this year I'm home, and I am really hoping that I remember them, especially the family one, and try to find some time to focus on my relationship with God. Maybe I should stop listening to hip hop while I run and try to use that time to think.

So to help me keep them straight here are my Lent Goals and my Family's Lent goals:
  • No chocolate.
  • No pop
  • No meat on Fridays. (family)
  • Read the New Testament.
  • No Facebook while the girls are awake (so 6:30am-ish until 8pm).

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