Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy, Silly Moment.

Okay, so this week has been one of those back and forth weeks. One minute it's awesome and I'm super happy, the next they babies are screaming, and I'm on the floor ready to cry or slap someone. So needless to say my running, booty camp and good friend Jenn have really helped to get me through the week. Well and the chocolate I bought Tuesday at the Lindt outlet didn't hurt either! But tonight I brought my BRF to booty camp with her, so when I'm working out and she's planning my training runs she now knows what I'm going through. Afterwards we went for coffee and I didn't realize it until we left, but we spent like 90 minutes just chatting in Starbucks. I really enjoyed the adult conversation and getting her feedback/opinion on some running and personal things I've been pondering lately. She also shared a few really funny stories and reminded me that it's nice to have some grown up time. And yes, we both discussed how ridiculously excited we are for our post-race brunch on Sunday! We're each already dreaming about what delicious food we'll get to eat. Then when I got home I found my Valentine's gift from my hubby in the mail, so I came in and instead of giving him the bag, I showed it to him, opened it, put the shirt on and ran away wearing it. Lucky for him his gift arrived in January (from thinkgeek) and I came back and gave him his. I picked out the t-shirt because honestly lately I've been feeling like a Rino on a treadmill and he thinks I'm the unicorn in the picture, so it made me laugh. Hope you're all having a great week, and that mine ends as well as today went!

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