Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lazy Day.

That's a lot of books for one mommy to read.
 My plan today had been to get up and get my run done early but my baby wanted to eat at 5am and threw off my schedule and I planned to sleep until 6:20am and try running, but that didn't feel right either so I figured, I'll run tonight and rest during the day with my girls. So at 7:20 I was up and getting ready to feed the baby again and had a nice breakfast with my family before my husband had to go to work. Then while my baby was napping, I went to spend my quality one on one time with Lillian. This involves reading a few books. Today we read 18 stories! That is a record for us for sure, but Lillian certainly enjoyed it. She liked it so much she decided she'd read one more book while sitting on top of the pile of books. After that I cleaned up the kitchen, prepped for dinner and tomorrow's dinner (which will be stew) and did my other usual everyday stay at home mom thing. While the girls napped in the afternoon I enjoyed a cup of tea, and am now I'm resting up for my speed run tonight so I have the energy to rock the run and do a wicked job.

We're going where now?

So far, this is turning out to be a really great week. On Tuesday we had a great walk outside getting loads of fresh air and Katrina looks so cute in her puffy pink snow suit. It belonged to my niece beforehand but she's such a cute little pink marshmallow when she wears it.

Monday was even funnier since Steve and I spontaneously made a valentine's day for each other. I decided to cook a wicked salmon dinner with veggies, rice for Steve and potatoes for me, and we even had a bit of champaign in the cold cellar. I'd asked Steve to get some bananas on the way home since our monkeys keep eating them, and he showed up with a bunch of bananas and roses for me. Lillian gave away his surprise though when she shouted "Flowers!" instead of "Daddy" when Steve walked in the door. Lillian was even well behaved and had her dessert with us while we ate dinner. Now I can look forward to our date night on Friday just with us.

Fish, fresh veggies, and some home made bread.
Valentine's day breakfast for my loves!
Speaking of food. I've been working really hard to get extra healthy stuff into my kids. Lillian eats a lot of fruit but has been avoiding her veggies. Though yesterday she stole celery right out of my hand and proceeded to eat it. As you can see I'm putting extra work into getting good nutrients into her. Breakfast is always the easiest.
On Valentine's day I made Steve and Lillian french toast that I cut out into fun shapes. Lillian got a butter fly and a dinosaur. She made the dinosaur walk around her plate and then bit his head off. It was very cute to see. I hope the rest of the week goes as well as the first part.

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