Saturday, February 11, 2012

Race Plan.

Tomorrow is the big day! I will be running my 8 mile race at 10am. The current weather report for then is -10 degrees, with 25km/hr winds, and -18 degrees with windchill, and it's supposed to snow tonight so there will be 1-3cm of new snow in addition to the inch we got this morning. Oh goodie!

Needless to say, my plans for this race have changed a bit. I was hoping to hit my 7:06 pace for the race, which is what I'll need to run a 2:30 half-marathon in April, but now I'm not sure how well that will go. I plan to dress up in my winter warmies, meaning my thick running shirt, windbreaker, mittens, hat, cold weather running socks and my head phones will keep my ears warm while I listen to music. As for my shoes, I plan to bring my two outside pairs, and decide when I get there whether I'll need my yak tracks or not. Since the weather is so cold, I'll make sure to have some hankies with me (my husband and I use handkerchiefs instead of tissues) and some warm water in my water belt in case my throat dries out. I also plan to have a nuun in one of those water bottles to give me a little boost, and I may bring a gel too, even though I hate them. I know I can run outside in the cold, but honestly I don't perform my best under these conditions so I will have to do my best and hope that I can hit a few of my goals.

So now my goals are as follows:
  • finish without freezing to death
  • finish without ending up on my butt
  • crush my horror hill pace (7:59)
  • aim to get as close to my 7:06 pace as I can
  • try to keep a fairly steady, comfortable pace so I don't stop a lot
  • not get a tummy ache from all the food I'm going to eat at the post run brunch
I'll post on Sunday night or Monday about the race and hopefully have a few photos too. Have a great Saturday everyone and wish me luck! 18 hours and counting!

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  1. Go Alice! The weather sounds awful, but I'm sure you will have a great time anyways! Hope it all goes well, cant wait to read the race report!