Monday, February 13, 2012


With a really good run comes a really nice break. Today is my day of rest after the race. I'm feeling like I should be running, but I know that today is the day that my body will heal, my muscles will recover and tomorrow boot camp will kick my butt and I can run again.

I'll admit that I had a little talk with Steve about my distance running, and how I feel I need to step it up after my performance yesterday. He also has been feeling really drained lately because he's lacking some sleep, so we agreed we should start going to bed earlier in the evening that way he can have enough sleep (he needs 9 hours while I only need 7). He also reminded me that he's okay with me running in the morning, even if it means he has to go into work a bit late. So the advantage of me only needing 7 hours sleep to his 9 is that is we go to bed at 10:30pm I can feed the baby between 5:30 and 6:30am and then run for as long as I want to and he can keep sleeping, providing the baby cooperates. I promised him that I would only run a long run two mornings a week so that we still can have our family breakfast, since we've been having breakfast together a few days a week for a little while now and we're really enjoying that. So here's hoping that works out for me so I can get my medium and long runs in.

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