Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Running anyway.

Okay we all have days that we don't want to workout, and sometimes we run away from the workouts and others we suck it up and do it anyway. Tonight was one of those nights, and I persevered. I was supposed to run an easy 8-10k tonight and I didn't feel much like doing 5k let alone 10k. The first 5k were awful and I didn't want to keep going but I didn't want to fail, and honestly, I didn't want to have to write a blog about how I failed at my run. So I pushed myself to keep going and forced the extra 5k out of my lead legs by doing a split. I ran for 4 minutes and then walked for 1. This is a method I used a lot when I was getting started at running but haven't done it very much since I had Katrina. I used it during my outside training run with Cecilia a few weeks ago and figured it was better to do this method and get it done.

So hurray, for me completing my run when I was tired and did NOT want to do it. Oh yeah, and I have a race on Sunday!!

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