Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scale Wars - I win!

It seems that mixing up my workouts in January by adding a boot camp has really helped to jump start my weight loss again. I was down another 1.6 lbs this week, which is the largest loss of the year. I also think that dropping my daily points by 1 last week probably didn't hurt my efforts this week. I hit a weight point where my tracker actually wanted to drop my points but I told it to shush since I'm working on dropping my points my own way because of nursing and Steve and I agree that gradual is better than too quick. I mean it wanted me to drop another 2 points this week after I just dropped one last week. That's half my nursing points, which I don't think is a great idea considering I'm still nursing five or six times a day, some days more.

So from now until the end of May I'm dropping 1 point every 4th week, and at one time I will drop 2 to bring me down to 30 by the time I return to work. I'm going until the end of May not only because of work, but also because that is when I start my marathon training. Once I do that, I will need to play with my points a lot at that time to ensure I am eating enough for my training. I plan to continue tracking so that I don't use my runs as an excuse to eat. I've made a deal with my coach that we'll take it week by week until we get the right number. I'm thinking that as long as I don't drop more than 1 lbs a week I'll still be eating enough. I also, plan to track my running as running instead of walking like I do now, and will set up my tracker so that I eat my activity points, which will give me the extra points for all my protein and carbs. I'm glad I'm training in the summer, because I love salad and salad with a nice piece of fish or chicken on the bbq is a great meal. I'll just have to make sure I get enough carbs. Looks like a lot of pancake and oatmeal breakfasts.

My husband is also doing well again. He's lost all his business trip gain, and he's only 0.4lbs away from the lowest he's been on his journey, which was before Christmas and his Sweden trip. I know how hard it is to lose weight, so I feel for him, and have been making sure he's got lots of healthy snacks, and delicious meals at home that are all on point, so when his team of guys go out for lunch he can use his weeklies with them, and start on track at home. The poor guy doesn't know I'm going to make him run this week too! I have to take rest days around my race on Sunday which means he should run on those days. Poor guy, he's got no idea what is going to happen to him this weekend.

Finally, in regards to numbers (which I so love) I've surpassed my 25lbs lost this week. I'm now at 26.3lbs gone, which is 56.6% of my goal so I am feeling pretty pumped this week. I'm hopeful that this week will rock as well and I can drop below 165 lbs next week. One exciting thing is that I'm actually better off than my numbers show since my 145lbs goal, is the goal I had after Lillian, not the weight I actually got to. I only made it down to between 148.2 so if you use that number I've only got 17 lbs to go. Wow!

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