Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thinning Thursday - wait what?!

Okay, so it isn't technically Thursday yet, but I did WI this morning and I am thinning! As I probably have already mentioned, my husband is away on business in California this week, so today my friend Cecilia is coming over over work, to help me wrangle my children and to have a fun girls movie night. We did this when my hubby was in the play and it was a total BLAST! So that means I had to do my WI this morning. Not that I have to worry about it for tomorrow, since we both eat very healthy. I mean dinner tonight will be a mango, asparagus and shrimp salad, with lemon bars for dessert. But it's the popcorn that will do me in with salt. I make my own with an air popper, so I control the butter, and fat, but I feel it needs a generous helping of salt, and that won't agree with my scale tomorrow. I enjoy having Cecilia over for dinner. Some people influence you to eat unhealthy because that's how they eat, but she eats even more healthily than I do so she influences me to eat better! Yes we enjoy our treats, but we always make them from scratch so we know what's in them and we both believe in moderation!

So tangent over! The results from my WI, were very pleasing. I'm down another 0.4lbs. It may not seem like much when I've been doing 1-2.2lbs the past few weeks, but I'm thrilled. I expected to stay the same after last weeks' huge loss, so to be down even more is amazing in my book! I have to say I enjoyed moving my two little balls from my jar today, not to mention the fact that if I drop another 0.3lbs next week I'll have lost 30lbs total, and in 1.3lbs I'll be 2/3 of the way to goal! I love math!

Tomorrow is also, my last boot camp until the two week quickie I'm doing at the end of March, so I'll be writing about that this weekend, and how awesome my results are from it. In other news we have horrible weather here! It's snowing with lots already on the ground and calling for freezing rain today, so my plan to run outside is NOT happening! If both girls take an afternoon nap I'll do a quick run on my treadmill, otherwise it'll just be a very restful rest week, and I'll have to run on Friday and Saturday this week, which is no big deal. My training chart only had two runs for this week (though I'm not sure why but that's okay) so I can do them both at the end.

Have a happy Thursday ... uh, I mean Wednesday! :)

Lillian helping daddy to shovel on the weekend.

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