Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thinning Thursday.

My photo from the race on the weekend.
And the thinning trend continues. Today I was down another 0.8lbs and I'm feeling good. I've been working hard and it has been paying off! This just goes to show that you really do get out of what you put in it. This week I'm going to make sure to keep weighing my food, to get enough servings of fruits and veggies in and to enjoy my date night meal with Steve tomorrow!

Speaking of my husband, Steve has also dropped again this week. He's down another 0.4lbs thanks to my controlling his food. It would have been more, except he did control a few of his meals, and I'm pretty sure he ate our entire bag of pop chips SOLO! We joked last night about how different calories end up in different places. An apple calories ends up being digested and being used up, while pop chip calories end up on his gut! So I'm sure he'll do even better next week providing I hide the other bag of chips.

On an amusing note, I have lost a Lillian in weight, and now I just have to lose a Katrina to get to my pre-Katrina weight! How funny is that!

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