Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 15

I'm very excited that I had a wonderful week of running to report on this week.

I was supposed to run a reduced temp this week because of the race but I didn't get to run the full reduced distance because the girls were not very happy or cooperative on Monday. I felt very stressed and needed my normal 5+ mile temp or speed run and it didn't happen. Not a very happy Alice on Monday.

On Wednesday I felt tired at night and so had a really hard time running that training run. This run reminds me that I seriously need to get my butt in gear running more runs that are over 10km because I shouldn't struggle that much on a simple 10k. I know that every run is different and they won't all be awesome, but it was very sad how much of a challenge this run was. But I completed it and that is what counts on runs like this. For Friday my easy run was exactly that. A simple, happy, little run.

The race was cold, wet and slow but I am very happy with my performance. I ran 11.2 of the 13km, and then did my 4/1 split. I didn't give up. I worked very hard to finish strong and I rocked it. Now I know I need to seriously pick up the pace of my training for my half-marathon so that I can have the best chance of hitting my goal. So that means a lot more outside runs, a lot more long runs, and a lot more work. Wish me luck (and my hubby too since he'll have to deal with me).

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