Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 16

While my training this week went pretty well following last weekend's race, there was a lot of crazy changes that happened to. Needless to say, this was not an average week.

Monday was obviously a necessary rest day following my Re-Fridgee-Eighter race on Sunday. Tuesday, I was so crazy ready to run again that I did a little incline run in the afternoon followed by my awesome boot camp that night. My speed run was Wednesday this week so I could rest up from the race, and it was a little different this time since I had to run a full mile at 6.0mph! I thought I would puke, but I didn't and I pushed myself really hard this week to do that, so I am feeling mighty proud of that.

Thursday, I was all set to go to boot camp, but late in the afternoon I noticed Katrina was feeling a bit warm. This isn't unusual after her nap so I didn't think much of it. That and I was babysitting a friends 16 month old so with 3 kids under 30 months I had my hands full. But by 4pm she still felt really hot to me so I took her temperature and sure enough, fever baby. At 5 I made the choice to not go to boot camp and called my hubby to come home as soon as he could. The baby was rather fussy and inconsolable. Friday was a blur between a baby who couldn't be put down, no sleep Thursday night because she wouldn't sleep and running to the doctor late in the day. The ultimate result, Katrina has an ear infection and is now loaded up on Advil and doing much better. Once she was asleep on Friday I could get an easy run in and really enjoyed my run. I could have gone much further, thanks to the stress of the day, but figured I should save my energy for my long run.

I had planned to run in the early morning on Saturday. I had a plan for if the baby didn't sleep, a plan for if she did, and a plan for if I missed my alarm. What I hadn't planned for, was the 2 inches of fresh snow waiting for me when I woke up, and my yaks being broken. Ops! So I hit our treadmill and watched a DVD while I ran. It was nice to hide out from the crazy loud stress upstairs and I love my husband for giving me those 2 hours to just run. I paid him back in programming time and put our toddler to bed for him that night. Marriage is about compromise and helping each other out. 

So now I have to worry about my double boot camp next week because of missing the one with the sick baby. Eeek!

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