Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Training Tuesday.

Last week went very well, despite my crazy double boot camp days on two days!

My tempo run was awesome! I had a hard time with the 4 mile tempo stretch but only until I hit the third mile and then I felt like I got my groove going. My easy incline run was just that, a nice easy run where I upped my incline in order to get used to running on less than ideal ground. I will continue to use my little runs to work on my incline. I didn't increase the incline on Saturday because I knew that I would have a hard run on Sunday.

My double boot camps were so hard, but I'm glad that I did them. It means that I will complete all of the boot camp classes and not miss a single one. This pleases me since usually I end up missing one because of babies so it's nice that I avoided that this time around (providing that I make it on Tuesday and Thursday this week).

Finally, my long run felt so great. I went out wanting to run a pace of 7:40-8:00 and hitting a distance of 16-18km total, which I managed to do! I decided to run a different route today since we needed to return a DVD to the library, which is 3km each way so I decided to start my run by returning the book, and from there I headed on a new, unexplored route. As I was running it I enjoyed looking around at the lovely scenery and decided not to track my pace as much as I usually do. I just tucked my watch onto my outside shirt sleeve and enjoyed my run and ran by feel. I felt great, and after 12k stopped by the house to refuel and hit the loo. Then I finished the last 5k of my run and looked at my watch, and guess what? I managed to hit my desired pace range, 7:56! So running by feel worked pretty good for me and it was the distance I wanted!

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  1. You're so hard core! I'm impressed you run so much with the kids. I love running, but it feels like since my baby was born its been difficult.