Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend fun.

Hey why am I trapped in here?
 We had a wonderful weekend. While we didn't go to the library we had a great time. My BRF came over on Saturday and we made ravioli from scratch, which is always awesome and SUPER yummy! I was surprised that she had never made pasta, since like me, she cooks a lot of food herself. But we did my normal spinach recipe and tried out a new mushroom one from my cookbook. I like both but the spinach has more cheese in it. After dinner I used my frozen cookie dough balls to make everyone fresh cookies. I love having those in my freezer. The hubby spent the afternoon programming and in the morning her shoveled snow and Lillian helped! (I promise photos to come soon) It was too cute. Tomorrow he leaves us again on business but this time he'll be back Friday so that's not as bad.

Oh right, because I lick EVERYTHING!
Today I did my long run for the week, and it felt even better than last week's run. The weather was beautiful and perfect for a long run, and with church in the morning I was able to go whenever I wanted to in the afternoon and my hubby took care of our girls. Then we had a great dinner, where I made way too much food, but at least I have dinner tomorrow now thanks to left overs.

Lots of fun things planned for this week (cooking, baking, walking, library, movie night, boot camp, and the list goes on) while he's gone so I'm hoping the girls will be okay, and that Lillian will keep up her great work on the potty, and that Katrina won't be a fussy baby as soon as he leaves.

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