Monday, February 20, 2012

Wicked Monday.

So today was an all around great day. Lillian has been doing great with her potty training and although she was a bit fussy this afternoon Katrina seems to be getting better with her ear infection. We've been giving her Advil and Tylenol to help keep her sleeping and try to avoid her getting too hot and bothered. As for my big girl she's figured out that if she needs to go pee, you go to the potty which is wonderful but she's still at the stage where if she's too distracted she has accidents. That's not a lot of fun, but I'm thrilled how well she's doing. I will not complain when she's out of diapers!

My run today went awesome and I FINALLY figured out how to fix the clunk on the treadmill so that will not be a problem any more. That stupid whump sound has been driving me NUTS for a few weeks so now I'm happy to not have to worry about that anymore.

I have had such a wonderful weekend with my girls and hubby, and he's taken tomorrow off as a vacation day so we'll have another day to hang out. At Christmas we both kept getting in each other's way and wished the other would go away and get out of the house more, but this weekend has been wonderful and I wish it didn't have to end tomorrow. 

The scary thing for tomorrow is that I have to go to boot camp twice! Eeeeikkk! I missed one for my husband's play and so I'm doing two tomorrow back to back! I plan to do the easier versions of the workouts the second class if I need to, but if it goes well I may do it again on Thursday since I missed last week's because of Katrina's fever. Wish me luck since it's going to hurt a lot!

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